STEM Social Media welcomes Guillaume to the team!

Guillaume Robert

If you are just now joining the realm of STEM Social Media, last month we introduced you, the STEMians, to Cassandra Twoey, who is the new YSU STEM Social Media Intern. This month we would like to introduce you to Guillaume Robert, another new member to the team.

While Cassandra is on the front lines, getting the scoop about our professors, students, and events, Guillaume works as the central network for STEM Social Media. If you’ve noticed all of the different changes to various parts of the website, that’s all Guillaume. He has been working hard all summer to make our websites useful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for even the most detailed minds.

Guillaume is a senior in the computer science program here on campus, but that is not the only degree he has worked on. Previously, Guillaume graduated with a degree in graphic design from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and that will go a long way in “making things pretty,” as we like to put it.

While he has a background in graphic design, don’t let that fool you. Guillaume has plenty of experience in the computer science world too. In the summer of 2013, Guillaume spent nine weeks as an intern for New Era Technology in Boardman, Ohio. During his time there, he worked on programming a flight school tracking program in C#, which for the complexity, was not only a challenge, but an accomplishment.

There are many things that this STEMian can do for you, but many of these things require prior approval from the Dean. Guillaume has been busy creating new pages, cleaning up the old ones, and even making updates to our current home page. He can make banners for the home page, make corrections to existing information on department pages, and even help get the information out about your STEM events by directing you to Cassandra or the other members of our team.

We would like to welcome Guillaume to our team, and we hope that you all get a chance to see what he has been up to. We will try our best to keep making STEM Social Media your go-to for all your STEM information!