YSU STEM Graduates & the Workforce

Name: Matt Azam

Degree: Bachelor’s of Engineering : Industrial & Systems Engineering

Job Title and Location: Process Engineer at PTC Alliance

Brief Explanation of Duties: 
Manage the CTY (Critical-to-Yield) process for each plant. He will also assist in the deployment of Continuous Improvement activities and methods within the plant. Matt will provide plant and process engineering-level support to the plant manufacturing processes.


Name: Kathleen Smith

Degree: Bachelor’s of Chemical Engineering

Job Title and Location: General Electric Lighting; East Cleveland, OH

Brief Description of Duties: I will be a part of GE’s prestigious Edison Engineering Development Program (EED), an accelerated 2-year rotational program designed to build leadership qualities in young engineers. It is the fast track to upper-division career opportunities within the company. Only five positions were available this year in this program. Working full-time as a chemical engineer, I will complete four 6-month rotations in various aspects of lighting. I will also be attending Case Western Reserve University for a Master of Engineering degree part-time.


Name: Darshan Baral

Degree: Master of Science in Engineering (Environmental)

Job Title and Location: PhD in Environmental Engineering (UNL Nebraska)

Brief Description of Duties: Studying nonpoint source pollution.