YSU Builds Bridges from High School Math to College Calculus

The YSU Summer Bridge Program, part of the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program, is a chance for students in high school that are interested in a STEM career, but need a little bit of help bridging the gap between high school math and the YSU COMPASS test. The COFSP, in collaboration our partnering high schools from the Youngstown-Warren Metro area hosted the COFSP Algebra II-to-PreCalc/Calc Bridge Program June 10th-July 3rd. The program is free to the students and is funded by a grant from the state of Ohio.

Choose Ohio First targets high school students from Youngstown Early College, Chaney, East, Boardman, McDonald, Niles, Warren Harding, Austintown Fitch, Struthers, Lowellville, Girard, Hubbard, and Liberty who are interested in pursuing further education in the areas of STEM, have completed at least Algebra II (primarily sophomores and juniors) and have been identified by teachers as showing promise but needing additional math preparation. The goal of the Bridge Program is for the students that participate to be calculus ready when they get to YSU.

There is also a scholarship available to students who complete the Bridge Program. They must also place into the necessary math course required for their chosen STEM major and attend YSU. The students who meet these criteria are first priority in receiving a Choose Ohio First Scholarship. Choose Ohio First Scholarship benefits include free pre-calculus or calculus course the summer after senior year, $1,500-$5,200 of need-based aid, participation in COFSP meetings and research Project Teams, mentoring activities, and more. This summer, the Choose Ohio First Bridge Program had a total of 12 students complete the program.

If you are interested in the Choose Ohio First Bridge Program for next year, please see the brochure for more information and requirements, as spots are limited.