What does a civil engineer do?

In a series of articles, YSU STEM will take you through some of the most complex jobs out there. We will explore the hows, whys, and wheres of these jobs. For this second article, we will take a look at civil engineers.

Civil engineers create the framework for our world, literally. Civil engineers deal with the design and construction of important structures that we come into contact with every day. The road you drove on to get to class today is there thanks to a civil engineer. But civil engineering is more than just roads, bridges and buildings.

Mark McDonough
Mark McDonough

Mark McDonough, YSU STEM graduate in engineering and current Civil Engineering Project Manager in the Telecommunications Division for the GPD Group in Akron, talked with us and told us exactly what he does with his engineering degree.

As a project manager, Mark oversees many other engineers who provide services to clients, such as site audits, design work and construction drawings.

“In the Telecom division of GPD Group, we ensure that all the various cellular carriers, local municipalities, tower owners and building owners receive top notch designs and structural analysis of their facilities,” Mark said. “Another component of my day to day work is developing strong client relationships.”

Mark said YSU was critical to his growth as an engineer.

“Not only does my education stack up with that of my peers, I find that my critical thinking and desire to continually learn was developed excellently,” Mark said. “Throughout my career, I have been excited to take on new tasks or role[s] and [have] been able to learn and adapt well thanks to my Youngstown State education.”

Being a civil engineer is starting to sound like a great career choice, but let’s go a little further. Many people and future employers will encourage you to pursue a graduate degree, but don’t worry, it will pay off. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that civil engineers in Ohio have a mean wage of $75,930. Not only does the pay look good, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 20 percent increase in civil engineering jobs by 2022; that’s almost 54,000 more jobs!

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