Welcome Tiffany Wolbrecht to the Planetarium Crew!

Tiffany WolbrechtFresh out of grad school, Tiffany Wolbrecht is Youngstown State University’s new planetarium lecturer.

She has a bachelor’s degree in physics from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in education from Edinboro University.

Tiffany became interested in this position after working at a smaller planetarium as a graduate assistant.

“I was a grad student out there and I started to work at the university’s planetarium there and I fell in love with it. I loved it. I’ve always loved astronomy,” said Tiffany.

The timing on this position couldn’t have been more perfect for her. The previous planetarium lecturer, Sharon Shanks, was retiring right when Tiffany was graduating and ready for the job. Tiffany was nervous but eager to start filling those shoes.

Right now she is working on becoming familiar with all of the current shows as well as incorporating her own ideas into them and creating new shows. She also wants to pull in an older audience by reaching out to high school groups.

“I want to nurture and grow the younger audience that we have, but I think there’s this misconception that it’s for elementary ed, you know; we get kindergarteners and third graders a lot but not very many above fifth grade,” said Tiffany.

With Tiffany’s goals and motivation for the planetarium, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our STEM education in the Youngstown community.

“I’m happy to be here,” Tiffany said. “I’m really excited to utilize the planetarium for the university and for the older students, and I want to learn from what Sharon did and build on that and take us in new directions.”

When she’s not on the job, you can find Tiffany watching Star Trek or playing video games.