The Ward Beecher Planetarium Welcomes Alexa to the Team!

Originally from Ocean City, Maryland, Alexa Alpern holds a bachelor’s degree in applied media arts and computer animation from Edinboro University. The best part? She is the newest member of our Ward Beecher Planetarium team!

As part of the WB Planetarium’s recent grant with NASA and CosmoQuest, Alexa has been hired as the Digital Content Designer and Animator. She creates and alters digital content that can be displayed inside full-dome planetariums.

“There will be2D and 3D animated pieces,” said Alexa, “meaning some are CGI like How to Train Your Dragon or Shrek, and some are 2D like Beauty and the Beast or Mulan.”

Not only does she create animations and original artwork, she also edits and composites photos from telescopes and other images that must be altered for planetariums.

“Currently for CosmoQuest, I will be beginning to create and edit a new trailer to represent the CosmoQuest project,” said Alexa. “Throughout this project I will be video compositing and editing and utilizing animations to complete the short representative film.”

CosmoQuest is a great resource for planetariums around the world because people like Alexa can create planetarium-formatted content for anyone to use at no cost. Full-dome shows can be incredibly expensive, so having this sort of open source library of content is an excellent educational resource.

While studying animation at Edinboro University, Alexa worked together with planetarium director Dr. David Hurd to recreate an original slide-based planetarium showin a new digital format. The show, The World at Night, was fully produced and published and made appearances at two Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA) conferences as well as in-house public showings throughout the year. After that first show was created, she gained a lot of interest in developing more full-dome content.

Alexa AlpernNo stranger to hard work, Alexa was a Zumba instructor and she was in Olympic figure skating training for 13 years, training under Olympic medalists Ron Ludington and Barbara Roles Williams! She also keeps up with her own artwork; she’s been working on her own animated television series in her free time.

Last year, Alexa won the George H. Nicholas Memorial Animation Scholarship for Excellence in Animation. To see some of her artwork, awards, and professional experience, check out her portfolio!