The Fishbowl: A Dedication to Dr. Jack Bakos

The group at the unveiling, gathered around the plaque and picture.

Anyone who has ever walked through the first floor of Moser Hall has noticed the study lounge that has been nicknamed the “FishBowl.” On Friday, October 18th, 2013, Mrs. Patsy Bakos, her son Dr. Jason Bakos, and her granddaughter Jade attended the unveiling ceremony that dedicated the “Fishbowl” as the “Dr. Jack D. Bakos Jr. Student Collaborative Lounge.”

The family of YSU alumni wanted to continue the dedication to YSU that was started by Dr. Bakos. Dr. Bakos was known for his passion for his students and always took pride in their accomplishments.

“He changed the atmosphere around him wherever he went,” Mrs. Bakos said.  “He changed the world by educating students and sending them out into world to make a difference.”

Mrs. Bakos, in addition to funding the renovations for the lounge, also established a memorial endowment in the name of her husband. The endowment is for members of ASCE to fund their projects and competitions. Dr. Bakos was the first advisor for the student chapter and was the biggest advocate for student competitions, like the concrete canoe race. There is also a second endowment for student scholarships.

“I wanted to ensure that they would have the funding they needed in the future to continue to be successful in these endeavors,” Mrs. Bakos expressed.

Dr. Jack Bakos, who passed away in October of last year, was a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering dedicated to serving his students. For 36 years, he acted as a role model and promoted learning for all of his students. Dr. Bakos was also the department chair for 21 years.

While at YSU, Dr. Bakos received many awards, like the Distinguished Professor Award for Teaching and Scholarship, as well as the student-awarded Engineering Professor of the Year five times. Dr. Bakos’s awards expanded further than the campus boundaries. He was awarded the Outstanding Service award by the American Society of Civil Engineers, as well as the Outstanding Civil Engineer Award by the local branch of ASCE.

In addition to winning awards, Dr. Bakos was also published in several acclaimed journals. He wrote several articles about communication skills in the engineering field, as well as articles about multimedia and women in engineering.

“In 1997 he wrote an article on “Communication Skills for the 21st Century.” What better way to honor his memory than to give the students a high tech collaborative lounge?” Mrs. Bakos said.