The First STEM Honors Convocation


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YSU STEM would like to congratulate all recipients of awards at the first STEM Honors Convocation! Awardees received recognition for their outstanding achievements on April 27 at 7 p.m. in the DeBartolo Stadium Club in Stambaugh Stadium. Below is a list of awards and their recipients.


QUEST – Best Undergraduate Project ($1000 funded by YSU Foundation)

Unmanned Aerial Systems: Theory and Applications

James Carter

Lucas Ciprian

Stephen Koulianos

Garrett McIntyre

Cory Thomas

Elucidation and Characterization of Commercially Produced CMA Road Deicer

Samuel Dickson

Paije Kiraly

Matthew LaLama

Jennifer Miller

Darian Wilson


QUEST – College Award- STEM ($200)

Properties and Applications of Shape Memory Polymer Using 3D Printing

Antonio DiSalvo

Kelly Kovacevich

Daniel Martin

Samuel Cappelli

Morphological Support Effects in Metal-Ce)2 Catalysts for CO Oxidation

Samantha Mock

Thomas Stoner


Youngstown State University Women’s Club Scholarship

Awarded to promising women students in recognition of high academic achievement

Anna Dunn


Clarence P. Gould Honor Society

Membership awarded to students on the basis of academic achievement and the breadth of academic courses

Camron Bagheri

Michael Baker

Shawn Doyle

Joseph Gantz

Michelle Kordupel

Alana Lesnansky

Katherine Pitcairn

Elizabeth Rogenski

James Tancabel


Shorty and Elba Navarro Scholarships

Awarded to students of Hispanic descent who reside in Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana, Lawrence, or Mercer Counties

Joseph Caraballo

Amalio Esparra

Monica Esparra

Jose Miranda

Frank Perez

Alexandria Rodemoyer


Academic YSU – OEA Union Heritage Scholarship

Awarded to a student demonstrating individual or family involvement in organized labor movement

Megan Healy


Stavich Educational Scholarships

Awarded to selected Campbell Memorial High School graduates

who are also children of former Calex employees

Sydney Livermore

Kristina Minniti


Theodore P. and Evelyn H. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student of Hellenic heritage who will matriculate to medical school

John Tomich


Danielle M. Hodge Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to graduates from high schools throughout the tri-county area

Alexander Huber


Eddie Conricote Memorial Scholarships

Awarded to a resident and graduate of Liberty High School who is a child or grandchild of a Liberty Firefighter

Jeremy Borton

Sabrina Sims


Michael Soroka Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a Campbell Memorial High School graduate who is an incoming first year student with academic promise

Joseph Lebenich


Michael T. Hartzell Memorial Scholarships

Awarded to an Austintown Fitch graduate or child of Youngstown City Police officer and children of officers serving the tri-county area from the police or sheriff’s departments, or a YSU student enrolled in the police academy

Taylor Minenok

Johnny Naples


Alumni Society Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to current students or incoming freshmen whose parent or guardian is a YSU graduate and a current member of the YSU Alumni Society

Rachel Briach


Woodrow Wilson Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to Woodrow Wilson High School graduates or descendants pursing an undergraduate degree

Taylor Minenok


Martha K. Schuster Memorial Scholarships

Awarded in recognition of academic achievement in memory of a former YSU employee and Women’s Club president

Johnny Naples



Outstanding Student in Mathematics and Statistics Award

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement in the study of Mathematics and Statistics

Megan Chambers

Timothy Shaffer

Kristi Yazvac


Outstanding Student in Statistics Award

Awarded for outstanding academic performance in Statistics

James Munyon


B.J. Yozwiak Mathematics Award

Awarded to a senior majoring in Mathematics who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance

Eric Shehadi


ms consultants Award in Civil Engineering Technology

Awarded to an outstanding student who works full time while completing the BSAS in CCET on a part-time basis

Christian Conzett


Dr. William A. Wood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Technology

Awarded to an outstanding junior or senior undergraduate in Engineering Technology with a 3.0 or higher GPA

Shane Singer


Myron C. Wick, Jr. Scholarships in the Physical Sciences

Awarded to junior or senior students who have shown academic excellence in the physical sciences

Michael Baker

Jennifer Miller


Myron C. Wick, Jr. Scholarship in Engineering

Awarded to a junior or senior student who has shown academic excellence in engineering

Donald Dixon


Fireline, Inc. Scholarships

Awarded to students majoring in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Chemistry or Physics who have an interest in Materials Science with a minimum 3.0 GPA and resident of the five-county area

Dakesha Jordan

Eric Schubert


Michael A. Rigo Memorial Scholarships

Awarded to an outstanding Mechanical Engineering student residing in Mahoning County

Jessie Abeid

Jason Doll


Ohio Space Grant Consortium Scholarships

Awarded to junior and senior students for academic excellence in an Aerospace-related discipline

Ashley Bowers

Michael Radetic


Ronald J. Hepp Memorial Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior in Electrical Engineering

Corey Dunbar


Ronald G. Tabak Memorial Physics and Astronomy Award              

Awarded to a junior or senior Physics and Astronomy major who has demonstrated passion for teaching and involvement in the “life” of the Physics Department

Michael Baker


John and Lina Moteff Scholarships

Awarded for demonstration of academic promise in the study of Physics, Astronomy or related sciences

Andrew Bock

Michael DeLuca

Samuel Powers

Martin Strong


Dr. Ronald A. Parise Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding Physics or Astronomy student

Christopher Leach


Albert A. Guerrieri, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding student who has demonstrated academic achievement and commitment to the study of Physics

Nicholas McGuigan


Frank M. Clark Physics Award

Awarded to an exceptional student in Physics

Elizabeth Rogenski


Anthony, Elizabeth, and Dr. Janet DelBene Scholarships in Physical Chemistry

Awarded to an outstanding junior chemistry major

Abigal Ansah


American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Award

Awarded to a Chemistry senior who has made a significant contribution to the ACS Student Affiliates Association

Phillip Boran


Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement and aptitude in Analytical Chemistry

Victoria Boulos


Dr. Ralph E. Yingst Scholarship in Chemistry

Awarded to an upper-division Chemistry major for academic excellence

Victoria Boulos

James Gasior


Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Physical Chemistry Award

Awarded for outstanding performance in Physical Chemistry

James Gasior


American Chemical Society Inorganic Division

Awarded for excellence in Inorganic Chemistry at the undergraduate level with aspiration of a career in Chemistry

Matthew LaLama


American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Awarded to an Organic Chemistry student who displays a significant aptitude for Organic Chemistry

Jennifer Miller


American Chemical Society Award – Penn-Ohio Section

Awarded to an outstanding junior Chemistry major

Jennifer Miller


Dr. Irwin Cohen Scholarship for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry

Awarded for excellence in undergraduate research in Chemistry

Samantha Mock


Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Society

Awarded to a senior Chemistry major for academic achievement in the Chemistry field

Jennifer Moore


Hypercube Scholars Award

Awarded to a graduating Chemistry student who has conducted research and is enrolling in graduate school

Jennifer Moore


Ohio Chapter of the American Institute of Chemists Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior or graduate student in Chemical Engineering

Amanda Sacco


Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Organic Chemistry Award

Awarded to honor outstanding performance in Organic Chemistry

Cassandra Shaffer


CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

Awarded for achievement in the study of Chemistry as a freshman

Tayah Turocy


Ikram Khawaja Outstanding Geology/Environmental Studies Student Awards

Awarded for scholastic excellence in Environmental Science from a student with intent to pursue a graduate degree

James Frost

Ralph Roth


Everette C. “Bud” Abram Geology Scholarships

Awarded for academic achievement in Geology

Lindsey Smith

Ralph Roth


Ann Harris Field Camp Scholarships

Awarded to noteworthy Geology majors

Lindsey Smith

Ralph Roth


Field Investigations in Geology Scholarships

Awarded to an exemplary student in the Field Investigations in Geology course

Ralph Roth


Pittsburgh AIChE Professional Promise Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior in chemical engineering

Jason White



QUEST – Best Graduate Project ($500 funded by YSU Foundation)

Collins Aboagye


QUEST – College Award- Graduate Studies ($200)

Michael Bellas

Joseph Mihaly


Outstanding Graduate Student Awards in Mathematics and Statistics

For outstanding academic performance in Mathematics and Statistics

Obeng Addai

Joseph Cochran


Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Mathematics Education

Awarded to a graduate student demonstrating impressive academic performance in Mathematics

Julie Seitz


Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Awarded for excellence in teaching undergraduate laboratories

Heather Folkwein

DaVena Zivkovic


Dr. James A. Reeder Graduate Scholarship Award

Awarded to graduate students working toward an advanced degree in Chemistry

Jordan Zaluski


Charles Singler Environmental Science Scholarship

Awarded for scholastic excellence demonstrated by a graduate student

Stefanie Hudzik

Erin O’Connor

Claret Tening Ndifet 


Anthony, Elizabeth, and Dr. Janet DelBene Scholarships in Physical Chemistry

Awarded to an outstanding Chemistry major who has been accepted into the YSU Graduate Program in Chemistry

Victoria Boulos


Ikram Khawaja Outstanding Geology/Environmental Studies Student Awards

Awarded to graduate students for academic excellence

Stefanie Hudzik

Erin O’Connor