Student Spotlight: Brian Duricy

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Brian Duricy is a fourth-year mathematics and economics major with a political science and philosophy minor.

Currently, Brian does not do any research, but he hopes to start with a faculty member next semester. He is really interested in cryptocurrencies and statistical applications.

As a high school student, Brian has taken college in high school classes at Kent State University. He has also taken a transient class at Kent in Fall 2016. His first semester of college was spent at the University of Pittsburgh before coming to YSU.

“I love that you aren’t pigeon-holed to a specific field in STEM. I will never feel bored in my majors because statistics can be applied to anything. One week I can work with physics-related topics, the next I could be working with mathematics,” said Brian. “I also really love the flexibility at YSU so I can have two majors and two minors comfortably.”

This past month, Brian participated in the ethics bowl at YSU. The ethics bowl consists of multiple cordial arguments based on descriptive cases. A team’s coaches come up with broad-based ethics questions pertaining to each case that is designed to help the team get used to the main points of the case and what they could potentially be asked in competition. Seven minutes are given to the team to answer each question presented to them by the judge. Everyone on the team is given a part to answer. These parts consist of introductions, main points, and objections.

For this ethics bowl, Brian was the objector. His main duty in the competition was to come up with ways the other team may approach his team’s case and say they were wrong. The opposing team then had 5 minutes to respond to Brian and his team. The match continues after this with the opposing team presenting their case.

“What I really love about ethics bowl is that you get into a lot of discussions that you know are ethical or not ethical, but until you sit down and really think about them, you don’t get the understanding behind why they are ethical or unethical,” said Brian.

For the remainder of the match, Brian was also responsible for responding to the opposing team alongside his teammates.

“The things I have learned in my mathematics logistics classes really prepared me for ethics bowl because of the thought process the classes instilled in me,” said Brian.

Brian is also a member of the Actuarial Science Club and Moot Court.

Student Spotlight: Andrew Morgan and Ashley Orr

This month in STEM, we would like to highlight and congratulate two outstanding students who have recently received national recognition for their academics.

Andy MorganAndrew Morgan has been awarded a scholarship from Tau Beta Pi, The Engineering Honor Society.

He also was named a Goldwater Scholar this year and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the Pi Mu Epsilon National Math Honor Society. He is active in YSU Student Government, Academic Senate and YSU Honors College and is a first-year engineering teaching assistant.

You can read about Andy and his scholarship here.

Ashley Ashley OrrOrr has been awarded a 2016 Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship. Ashley is the first YSU student to receive the Marcus L. Urann Fellowship, which is reserved for only 6 of the top applicants, valued at $15,000.

Ashley Orr is a Rhodes Scholar who hopes to lead a life of service. She started early, volunteering throughout middle school, high school and college at Youngstown State University. Orr led Youngstown’s Pen Pal mentorship program and co-founded Poverty Awareness while serving as student government president. Economics, she says, is like a study of happiness. She learned more about how economics affects policy as an intern at the Fourth District of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland. She will attend the University of Oxford, studying poverty traps and the econometric evaluation of policy, all in hopes of making a better future for the world’s poor.

Read more about Ashley and her accomplishments here.

Student Spotlight: Darian Wilson

While at the agDarian Wilson in Cypruse of 20 most students are just entering their sophomore or junior year of college, senior Biology major Darian Wilson is already preparing to attend medical school.

“Well, I started college in high school,” Darian said. “I went to MCCTC for the biotech program. It pretty much started me out almost as a sophomore [at Youngstown State University], but I had to take some summer classes.”

He’s using his final semester at YSU to study Vertebrate Histology, a recommended course in preparation for his education in podiatry. However, podiatry wasn’t Darian’s first choice.

“At first I was interested in pharmacy,” Darian said. “I’m actually a pharmacy tech right now at Rite-Aid, [but] it’s not what I want to do.”

After looking into being a doctor, Darian decided that he wanted to be a specialist, but he wasn’t quite sure which specific area to study.

He said that his uncle is a local podiatrist, which is what gave him the opportunity to be exposed to the field he had already begun researching as a possible career option.

“So I just started researching the field [of podiatry] and interviewing, looking at treatments, and seeing how my uncle handles things in his practice,” said Darian. “In learning the structure of the foot and thinking about how important it is, if you can prevent issues there, you could prevent other problems.”

Darian, like many pre-med students, is very ambitious in his studies and future career. He’s in the process of applying to medical school with hopes of beginning his study in the fall.

Even with his condensed collegiate career, he was able to study abroad in Cyprus.

Darian’s study abroad program was coordinated by the University of Nicosia, the largest university in Cyprus.

Since his experience there, the university has named Darian as their YSU campus ambassador. Darian will share his study abroad experience in hopes of encouraging fellow YSU students to take advantage of the study abroad experiences available to them.

Student Spotlight: Tyler Vitullo

Hello STEMians!

The model airplane with the YSU Y the side.

Our group of students from the Electrical Engineering Capstone course recently went to Morgantown, West Virginia, to participate in the IEEE Student Activities Conference. This conference is made up of students from universities located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Our group included: myself (Tyler Vitullo), Kevin Marstellar, Christopher Smaldino, Kurt Shambaugh, and Nathan Jones. Continue reading “Student Spotlight: Tyler Vitullo”

Student Spotlight: Estee George

Estee George
Estee working on equipment in the lab.

Youngstown State University College of STEM has a reputation for excellence, and students like junior Estee George propel that excellence forward. Estee is a double major in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and is minoring in Chemistry.

Estee keeps herself busy at YSU. She is the treasurer of Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Fraternity and is a member of both the STEM Leadership Society and Women in Mathematics. Also on campus, she is a member of the College Democrats.

While she is very busy on campus, Estee still takes time to do volunteer work with the Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and Friends of the Mahoning River. Continue reading “Student Spotlight: Estee George”

Student Spotlight: Katie Smith

Katie Smith
Katie Smith, a senior chemical engineering major.

Most college seniors dread looking for careers in the months after graduation. Katie Smith, a senior chemical engineering major, is ahead of the game, having already procured a position with the Edison Engineering Development Program at General Electric Lighting, in East Cleveland, Ohio.

Starting in June, Katie will embark on the first leg of the Edison Engineering Development Program’s two-year rotation. The program is an accelerated track for gaining leadership within the company.

During the past two summers, Katie has interned with the company in two separate departments: LED Technology and Fluorescent. Continue reading “Student Spotlight: Katie Smith”