News For CS&IS

A new student association, Information Technology Student Association (ITSA), has been established in the department of Computer Science & Information Systems. The goals of ITSA are (1) to stimulate student interest in information technology field, (2) to seek networking opportunities between students within the department and companies doing business in information technology field in the region, (3) to help CS&IS department publicize Information Technology field to the university and the public. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in Information Technology at YSU. Some of the initiatives ITSA has taken are opening a facebook account, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, and a twitter account at YSU_CSIS for the CS&IS department.

Retirees: Tom Bodnovich

Tom Bodnovich
Associate Professor and Chair
Computer Science and Information Systems

Tom Bodnovich retired in August of this year celebrating a 29 year career at the University. He received his BS degree in Computer Science at YSU in 1979. He returned to the University in 1982 as an analyst designing computer information systems used in the administrative operation of the University. He was vital in the adoption of a relational database paradigm, and he structured numerous programming techniques.

He began teaching in 1988 as an instructor of Computer Technology in the Engineering Technology Department. He became assistant professor in 1996 and associate professor in 2001. He was ultimately appointed Chair of Computer Science and Information Systems in 2006.

Tom said, “The most satisfying accomplishment was helping students to succeed academically and preparing them for productive and fulfilling lives beyond college.” He added that the people of YSU are like an extended family for him, and he treasures the relationships he developed. Tom plans to travel, spend more time with family and friends, and resume his love for golf.