SWE Dinner with Industry

2014-04-21 18.07.49
Ohio Room filled with people.

What better way is there for networking than to have dinner with representatives from different companies? One campus organization has a tradition of doing just that. For the fifth consecutive year, the Society for Women Engineers (SWE) held their annual Dinner with Industry on April 21st, 2014.

The SWE had long-standing traditions for many years, but somewhere along the line, the Society for Women Engineers disbanded. Several years later, Sarah Guza, who has since graduated, decided it was time to bring back SWE and the Dinner with Industry. This year, SWE President Therese Stevens worked hard to coordinate the Dinner with Industry, which was the best turn out they have had yet.

The dinner is a networking event that allows students to ask the questions that they may not get to ask at other networking events. The somewhat less formal event makes it easy to build relationships between students and possible future employers. On the reverse side, employers are able to see what the students have to offer.

There were a total of 88 people at the dinner with 10 companies that each had two representatives. Next year, Therese hopes that the Dinner with Industry will include a mixer; that way, students and the industry representative are not limited to who they can mingle with.

This year, SWE also participated in a couple other events, including an outreach event with a group of local girl scouts. The group of fifth and sixth graders came to campus and enjoyed five different events that covered five of the types of engineering.

“We had 40 girls come, which was really great,” Therese said. Therese went on to explain the types of projects that the girls did, like creating a fruit battery, while also explaining how they applied to engineering.

Next year, the Society of Women Engineers has a lot of great plans, including bringing various speakers to campus. We look forward to all they will do in the coming year!