Summer Programs at YSU for Local Students

Local middle schools and high schools may have let out for the summer, but the students can still come to YSU to learn in our STEM College. The Techie Camps, the Summer Bridge Program, and the Summer Honors Institute offer students a chance to learn outside of the typical classroom and to explore future areas of study and future careers.

techie camp

TECH CORPS Techie Camps
Techie Camp is a full-day, week-long summer experience designed specifically for elementary and middle school students. The goal of Techie Camp is to engage students in activities that can stimulate a deeper interest in technology as well as provide opportunities for them to express their imaginations. Students can take a “deep dive” into Programming, Robotics, App Development or Web Development.

Summer Bridge ProgramAlgebra II/Pre-Calculus to Calculus Math Bridge Program
The Math Bridge Program, sponsored by the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program at YSU, is a four-week program designed to reinforce basic math concepts and give high school students interested in STEM majors extra preparation for entering pre-calculus and calculus, or for taking standardized tests and college placement exams. Through practice and problem-based learning, the ultimate goal of the bridge is to help participants increase their mathematics knowledge and enter college ready to take calculus.

Additive Manufacturing Lab

Summer Honors Institute

Students from the Summer Honors Institute visited our Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing on Tuesday to learn more about this revolutionary technology.

Youngstown State University’s Summer Honors Institute offers gifted and talented students the opportunity to explore and discover new information in a wide range of disciplines. Courses have been developed by outstanding university faculty with the dual purpose of introducing students to a specific discipline that is not available to them in a high school setting and providing activities designed for more in-depth study. Courses are also designed to provide a high degree of student interaction using a variety of “hands-on” activities. Appropriate alternative learning experiences are also utilized.