Summer Fun with YSU STEM

2014-06-18 15.17.30
Student Miranda DeFuria with her 3D printed part.

Summers at YSU STEM are always full of fun for all ages. This year, like many years before, YSU STEM has hosted its annual STEM Explore program for middle school age children and participated in the Summer Honors Institute (SHI) for students in high school.

Thirty-five children from schools around the Valley attended STEM Explore, which was held at the end of June. There were many activities for the students throughout the week, but each of them added something new to the repertoire of knowledge that a STEM education can provide. After a morning at OH WOW!, the students walked back to the campus with their student teachers and then calculated how many calories they burned.

Later on, the students walked around campus to find the dirtiest place on campus. The live bacteria cultures proved to be a big hit while waiting to see whether the boys or girls restrooms had more bacteria.

The Summer Honors Institute was much different, but still just as much fun for the high school students. There were a wide range of STEM activities for the SHI participants to enjoy, as well as many other activities in other disciplines.

“There are not many colleges that you can go to that offer hands-on programs,” said Lauren Zetts, an incoming junior at Lowellville High School. Many of the students have an idea aboout what STEM is, but many don’t know exactly what STEM could mean to them. Lauren continued to say, “I was able to take a look at specific career fields and see just exactly what they could do.”

Many of the students thought that the SHI was just what they needed to confirm their careers in STEM. “I learned a lot more about engineering, which helped solidify my future plans of going into a STEM field,” said Mackenzie Smiley, a Hubbard High School senior.

One of the greatest hits of SHI was building and shooting the potato cannons. Who knew how much physics was actually involved with shooting a potato through a cannon! Check out the gallery below to see how much the student enjoyed their week and the potato cannons!

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