Students in Math & Biology Attended Research Presentation Conferences

Within the past month, Dr. Gary Walker of Biological Sciences and Dr. Alicia Prieto Langarica of Mathematics and Statistics took their student teams to present research at conferences. Keep reading to see what they did!


Undergraduate Biology Students

In December 2017, Dr. Gary Walker, Professor and Chairperson of Biological Sciences at YSU, took undergraduates from his research team to the American Society for Cell Biology conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The students who were in attendance were Angela Mossor, Victoria Silvis, and Nicholas Osborne.

The students presented information on myogenic cells.

This is the abstract from their study:

Myogenesis is a tightly regulated process resulting in the sequential change in gene expression leading to the expression of muscle cell specific proteins. During the process of myogenesis the basic units of contraction, sarcomeres, are assembled into to the extremely precise structures that provides for the slide filament mechanism of muscle contraction. This study examined the timing of expression of a number of muscle specific proteins that are relevant to myogenesis/sarcomerogenesis over the course of myotube development, using C2C12 mouse myogenic stems cell in culture. Using quantitative PCR, titin expression and specifically expression of the cardiac specific isoform, N2-B, was studied. The expression of several myosin isoforms was also examined. In addition to these sarcomeric components we also looked at the expression of myogenic transcription factors and the cell cycle regulator of the G2/M phase transition (cdk1). At the onset of myogenesis (confluency and lowered growth factors) the expression of cdk1 as well as a transitory increase in the myogenic transcription factor MyoD. In this study we have taken two approaches assessing gene expression in myogenesis and sarcomere genesis, normalized to the expression of GAPDH (expression relative to the cell) or actin (expression relative to the sarcomere assembly). Gene expression after re-exposure of myotubes to high serum was examined.

Pictures are attached with information on their study.

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Math Students Present Research at Conference in San Diego

Dr. Alicia Prieto Langarica took several mathematics students with her to the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Diego at the beginning of January. The students that attended to present their research were Lexi Rager, Marina Pavlichich, Natalie Halavick, Sara O’Kane, Leah McConnell, Theoni Kasamias, Elise Eckman, and Leah Bayer.

Here is what each student presented:

Lexi Rager and Marina Pavlichich presented: “Helping Students Make Wise, Data-Driven Academic Decisions.”

Theoni Kasamias presented: “Climate Change and its Impact on the Migratory Patterns of Ficedula Hypoleuca and Anser Bachyrhynus.

Natalie Halavick, Sara O’Kane, and Leah McConnell presented a poster entitled “Analyzing New Health Care Placement of Mercy Health Facilities.”

Elise Eckman presented: “Evaluating Kostant’s Multiplicity Formula.”

Leah Bayer presented: “Modeling the effects of crayfish invasion and drought on hypothetical crayfish population dynamics.”

Below are pictures from their time at the mathematics conference.

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