Student Spotlight: Steve Zaborsky

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Steve Zaborsky

Many students despise those dreaded eight o’clock in the morning classes. Some students get up much earlier and accomplish more before those eight o’clock classes than some students do all day. Steve Zaborsky, a junior Mechanical Engineering student, is one of those students. Getting up at five o’clock every morning, Steve works out, attends classes, volunteers his time, and then practices with the rest of the football team.

Steve, a graduate of Austintown Fitch High School, enjoys what he does and staying busy. As a mechanical engineering student, Steve excels in mathematics and sciences. While he is engaged in many different types of classes, there is more to being an outstanding STEMian than working hard academically.

Steve volunteers in the community with the STEM Leadership Society (SLS) and the football team. He visits local schools with his teammates to spend time with the children. Sometimes, the team is called in to remind kids what it takes to be successful, like hard work and staying in school, and sometimes they are called to do other activities, like reading to them.

Much of what Steve does on a day-to-day basis is done with a purpose. He wants to be the best role model he can be, but for more than just the community. Steve wants to be someone that his little brother, Charles, can look up to because his family is one of the most important things to him. If it were not for the support of his brother, his mother Fia, and his father Jeff, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

“Anything I do,” Steve says, “they support it.” Steve chose YSU for many reasons, including YSU’s proximity to home. In addition to being close to his family, Steve liked that YSU has a strong engineering program and that organizations like SLS reached out to him. By coming to YSU, Steve has gained more than an education; he’s gained an extended family. He enjoys being able to come to Dr. Hazel Marie and Dr. Dan Suchora with any problems he might have in academics. Along with the football team, Steve also looks up to Coach Wolford and Coach Sims for support.

“They keep me driving,” he says. He continued to say that he is proud and thankful for the chance they have given him.

In the near future, Steve will be attending and presenting at QUEST. The project is a hardwood lathe that has added tapered bearings, an electric motor, and cogbelt. After graduation, Steve plans on furthering his education, but is ‘open to anything.’