Student Spotlight: Sebastian Hagn

Sebastian swings his tennis racket and poses with equipment in the lab.

Being a STEMian takes a lot of time and effort, but being a STEMian and being involved with athletics takes even more. Sebastian Hagn is not only a senior civil engineering student, but he is a tournament winning tennis player for the YSU Men’s Tennis team too.

Sebastian, an Austria native, first attended the University of South Florida, but it wasn’t quite what he was looking for. Sebastian started to look for a school that had a great engineering program. When he looked into Youngstown State University, he was impressed by the Civil Engineering Department and by the athletics that YSU had to offer, as well as the accessibility and the helpfulness of the faculty.

“The University of South Florida was so much bigger,” Sebastian said. “I was just a drop in the bucket.”

While Sebastian has always been interested in problem solving and architecture, he wanted more than just design. After talking with several people, including the CEO of his internship and Dr. Scott Martin, Sebastian decided that civil engineering was just broad enough to combine all of the subjects he loves, like mathematics and physics.

Over the last couple of summers, Sebastian has returned home to Austria to intern at Wiehag Timber Construction. The company has over 160 years of experience building wooden structures such as observation towers and the Canary Wharf in London, the project that Sebastian worked on this last summer.  Sebastian says that he hopes that his next internship will be in the United States.

When Sebastian is not in class, he is normally playing tennis. Most recently, he won a tournament at the US Open Facility in New York City, and last year, Sebastian was named the Horizon League’s Newcomer of the Year.

While STEM and tennis keep him busy, Sebastian enjoys spending his free time going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and reading. Sebastian has also enjoyed helping with the YSU chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers and tutoring.

Sebastian has always liked to help his fellow classmates understand their work better. In the future, Sebastian hopes to be able to continue his education and become a university professor in the United States.

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