Student Spotlight: Kylie Delgros

Hello STEMians!

Kylie and Stitch
Kylie and her Stitch pillow.

I am a senior in Industrial Engineering at YSU. I got hired as an Engineering Services intern here at Walt Disney World in August 2012. The department I am apart of is called Global Contracts. My team handles all of the large contracting agreements that affect Walt Disney World properties.

Working for Disney is great! I am especially lucky to have been hired in the role I have. Because my team handles global contracts, I get to experience everything the Walt Disney Resort has to offer. Whether I’m off checking furniture layouts or shadowing my boss on an elevator inspection walk, I get to see every aspect of the resort, onstage (within guest view) and off-stage (cast areas).

My main role here at Disney is establishing a global furniture program for all of the public spaces in our resorts across Walt Disney World. I am creating a centralized database that contains the furniture specifications for each of these assets. It might not sound like much, but when you think about it, so far I have collected data on about 20,000 pieces of furniture. In the future, we are hoping to implement my database into a work-order-based system that can effectively track the maintenance cycle, as well as the life cycle of our furniture. That being said, I have compiled past work orders so that our team can be more cost effective when awarding bids to vendors (for refinishing furniture). My work has been extremely helpful to estimating a budget for our program for upcoming years.

One of my favorite things about my role is it is not what you would think of when you think of an Industrial Engineer. If I have learned one thing from Disney, it’s that Industrial Engineers can be used everywhere. Industrial Engineering is all about efficiencies. In my role, I have centralized a system of information that had no documentation in some areas, or information that was ten years old in other areas. It feels great to be able to help organize something on such a large scale. At Disney, we realize that people are spending their money to be encompassed by the charm that our resort promises, whether that charm be not having to wait in a two hour line all the way down to being impressed with the quality of furniture within or resorts. I’m excited that the work I’m doing is helping to keep that Disney magic going for our guests in years to come!

Have a magical day,

Kylie Delgros