Student Spotlight: Darian Wilson

While at the agDarian Wilson in Cypruse of 20 most students are just entering their sophomore or junior year of college, senior Biology major Darian Wilson is already preparing to attend medical school.

“Well, I started college in high school,” Darian said. “I went to MCCTC for the biotech program. It pretty much started me out almost as a sophomore [at Youngstown State University], but I had to take some summer classes.”

He’s using his final semester at YSU to study Vertebrate Histology, a recommended course in preparation for his education in podiatry. However, podiatry wasn’t Darian’s first choice.

“At first I was interested in pharmacy,” Darian said. “I’m actually a pharmacy tech right now at Rite-Aid, [but] it’s not what I want to do.”

After looking into being a doctor, Darian decided that he wanted to be a specialist, but he wasn’t quite sure which specific area to study.

He said that his uncle is a local podiatrist, which is what gave him the opportunity to be exposed to the field he had already begun researching as a possible career option.

“So I just started researching the field [of podiatry] and interviewing, looking at treatments, and seeing how my uncle handles things in his practice,” said Darian. “In learning the structure of the foot and thinking about how important it is, if you can prevent issues there, you could prevent other problems.”

Darian, like many pre-med students, is very ambitious in his studies and future career. He’s in the process of applying to medical school with hopes of beginning his study in the fall.

Even with his condensed collegiate career, he was able to study abroad in Cyprus.

Darian’s study abroad program was coordinated by the University of Nicosia, the largest university in Cyprus.

Since his experience there, the university has named Darian as their YSU campus ambassador. Darian will share his study abroad experience in hopes of encouraging fellow YSU students to take advantage of the study abroad experiences available to them.