Student Spotlight: Corey Dunbar

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it doesn’t exist, design it.” ~ Sir Henry Royce

Corey Dunbar

Many students have a collection of quotes to describe how they feel at certain times or what they think their life is like. Students like Corey Dunbar take quotes, like the one above, and make it their life goal.

“I like this [quote] because it may be an engineering quote, but it can apply to anything in life,” Corey says.

Corey, who is from Greene, Ohio, is a senior electrical engineering major and we were lucky to catch him before he left to continue his internship at Ajax Tocco Magnethermic. Just as Corey’s favorite quote states “Strive for perfection,” he implements this everyday at Ajax where they keep Corey busy and provide him with the experiences he is looking for. One day Corey hopes to use all of his experiences and knowledge gained in order to become a certified professional engineer.

If you have spent time around the STEM College, you will have seen Corey on his way to class or with the student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). As the treasurer for IEEE, Corey raised over $1300 for the organization and their various efforts throughout the year, like their annual Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC).

With the support of his friends, family, and co-workers, Corey, has raised his grade point average substantially and has made some pretty significant decisions about his future in the last year. As much as he would like to start his master’s degree right away, he plans to enter directly into the job market to gain more experience.

When Corey isn’t in school or working with Ajax, he volunteers his time helping his sister, a math teacher at Bloomfield Local Schools, with coaching the junior high school volleyball team. We know that Corey will continue to take his STEM education and mold it to the best future possible.