Student Spotlight: Ashley Bowers

Ashley Bowers

Much of what YSU STEM stands for can be shown through students like Ashley Bowers, a junior Industrial and Systems Engineering student with a minor in Mathematics. Ashley, who will become the new President of the STEM Leadership Society next fall, displays the top characteristics that STEM works hard to instill in its students.

Ashley, an Austintown Fitch graduate and valedictorian, has worked her way through the last three years of college like many other students. What is different about Ashley is how she has also worked her way up in the STEM Leadership Society (SLS). Starting with a basic position she moved to being the Vice President this year. Next year, Ashley will be the new President. SLS isn’t the only organization that Ashley is a part of; she is also a part of Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Society and the YSU Honors Society.

When Ashley isn’t at school or working on homework, she can be found working with Dr. Brett Conner as an Additive Manufacturing Researcher, a collaborative effort with America Makes. Currently, Ashley is testing the high strain rate behavior of stainless steel that has been made by the additive manufacturing process. She has also worked on many other internships and research projects, like helping to edit the 4th Edition of Numerical Methods & Numerical Analysis with the late Dr. Douglas Faires and Dr. Richard Burden; she is also Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.

With all of the internship experience Ashley already has, she doesn’t want to stop there. Ashley is currently looking for out-of-state internships to compliment her other experiences, like her trip to Italy where she studied abroad last summer and her trip to the Bahamas with Dr. Ronald Shacklee’s Tropical Ecology Program. Travelling is one of Ashley’s favorite things to do when she isn’t busy at YSU or with her internships.

“I definitely love to do weekend trips,” Ashley says. “I want to see everything out there.” Studying abroad is really important to Ashley because it “really changes your perspective on things.” She continued to say, “It really prepares you for the real world and it makes you more adaptable.

After graduation in May 2015, Ashley plans on going straight into the job market while also obtaining a master’s degree in Engineering Management. With her future career, she would like to work on process improvement, bettering the industry, and quality control. She chose to pursue this career partly because of the curriculum, but more because of the tight-knit family the YSU Industrial and Systems Engineering Department has created. While Ashley enjoys her busy schedule, she also likes to stay at home for some well-deserved relaxation time.

Ashley is most proud of her research. While she attributes much of her success and support to her family and friends on and off campus, Ashley is also thankful for the support from the late Dr. Faires and Dr. Conner. Her family has always taught to do her best, while Dr. Faires taught her life lessons that she will take with her throughout her career.

“Unstoppable is my word of the year,” Ashley says about herself, “that’s what I’m hoping to be!” YSU STEM is right next to Ashley, supporting her hopes of being unstoppable!