Student Organization Spotlight: The Information Security and Ethical Hacking Association

ISEHA LogoThe Information Security and Ethical Hacking Association is a student organization devoted to teaching its members about security threats and exploring how to safeguard digital information.

While most people think of hacking as a negative thing, the ISEHA looks at hacking in a different way.

Members of the ISEHA think it is important to understand what goes into hacking so they are able to protect their own information from any threats.

Wes Stanton, president of the ISEHA, serves as a mentor to many of the students involved.

He gives demonstrations at the meetings and will help some of the others in penetration testing.

“It’s kind of at all levels,” he said. “During those little demos I did, I let them go by themselves and see if they are able to do it, and then I did guide them through it at the very end to show them the specific steps that I would take to be able to break the server or to get into my switch.”

Though the ISEHA does not have any specific events planned for this semester, more student involvement will lead to more group activities.

In the past, these students have competed nationally in cybersecurity competitions and they have held several local capture the flag style matches among themselves.

“Another thing that we’re trying to do is get speakers in. We have a lot of people who are very qualified on campus here and people who I’ve been talking to on Facebook to talk and give lectures, and we just want more people to show up to those,” said Stanton.

If you’re interested in joining ISEHA, email Stanton at, visit their Facebook page, or stop by a meeting. Meets are in Meshel 116 on Fridays at 5:30 p.m.