Student Organization Spotlight: The Association for Women in Mathematics

female math studentsThe Youngstown State University Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics is dedicated to encouraging young women in sciences.

Monica Busser, president of the student organization, says it’s really all about making women feel comfortable in their STEM majors.

“The Association for Women in Math focuses on empowering women and girls to pursue careers in math and science and to feel comfortable pursuing those careers, especially in a male dominated field,” said Monica.

The group emphasizes both math and professional women. They have helped to promote the Math Assistance Center, they talk to schoolchildren about careers in math, and they also plan to take on an active role for Women’s History Month.

”We have our first Association for Women in Mathematics Colloquium,” said Monica. “Dr. Pamela Harris is an algebraist, and she’s going to talk to us about her research, which will be really cool.”

Dr. Harris will give her talk on Abstract Algebra on March 25 at 3:00 p.m. in the Cafaro Suite in Lincoln. Afterward in the Cafaro Suite, there will be History of Women in Mathematics Trivia where participants can compete for a gift card prize.

The group also participated in YSU’s Women in STEM Day to encourage local middle school and high school students to pursue STEM majors and careers. This event also included many professionals in STEM fields to interact with the girls and answer questions.

At the end of January, six of YSU’s female math majors (pictured above with Dr. Spalsbury) attended the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics where they presented research in the company of fellow math women. This is what each of them presented:

Unique Hamiltonicity and Computational Algebraic Geometry by Monica Busser

The Fifteen Schoolgirl Problem by Sheri Cope

Developing an Educational Sudoku Solver by Emily Hoopes

Numerical Results for the IVP to the Burgers Equation with External Forces by Crystal Mackey

A Study of Youngstown Public Housing Program Participants’ Preferences by Ashley Orr

A Bone Eat Bone World: Math Models of Bone Metabolism by Gabrielle Van Scoy

Any students interested in the Association for Women in Mathematics, any gender or major, can contact Monica Busser at