Student Organization Spotlight: Society of Physics Students

This month, we’re starting a new monthly series that highlights various active student organizations in the STEM community. This month YSU STEM is featuring the Society of Physics Students, also knows as SPS.

SPS is a student organization with a purpose of bringing together faculty and students who share interests in physics, astronomy and other STEM-related fields. The organization meets once a month, where members listen to guest lectures, learn and discuss recent advancements in scientific fields and plan future events and activities. Events and activities include guest lectures, planetarium shows, and trips to regional physics meetings, such as the Ohio-Region Section of the American Physical Society. SPS President Martin Strong said they’re also famous for their many pizza parties, and you don’t even have to be a physics major (or any STEM major) to join!

“Students should join SPS if they express any interest in physics and astronomy,” Strong said. “We are an extremely active club, which hosts many guest lectures and events. SPS allows students to become more familiar with the faculty members and the research they conduct at Youngstown State University. Each member will leave every meeting knowing something new, interesting, and if I may say, mind-blowing about the field of physics and astronomy, whether they have a strong math background or not.”

Currently, SPS is working on putting together their first Grill-Out Under the Stars event, where club members and students meet at the end of the school year to cook out and look at astronomical objects through telescopes as a way to officially kick off the beginning of summer break.

If anyone is interested in joining SPS, they can go to the Department of Physics and Astronomy to have their name added to the email list. Also, SPS-hosted guest lectures are open to anyone who would like to attend.