Student Organization Spotlight: Phi Sigma Rho & SAE

Each month, we try to highlight at least one student organization in STEM. This month, we found two student organizations that are really encouraging students to join: Phi Sigma Rho and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Phi Sigma Rho

Orchid Ball groupThough Phi Sigma Rho is not a part of YSU’s Greek Life, it’s a STEM sorority. President and industrial engineering major Sydney Negro explains that they welcome all STEM majors.

“The university doesn’t consider us a sorority, but we follow all national guidelines of Phi Sigma Rho,” said Sydney.

From coordinating t-shirt sales to joining the Society of Women Engineers for events, Phi Sigma Rho is pretty active throughout the semester.

“We always participate in Relay for Life and we go to Light the Night because our national philanthropy is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,” said Sydney.

Most recently, Phi Sigma Rho held their Orchid Ball. At this formal, members danced, received awards, and socialized with alumnae.Phi Sigma Rho

“Our flower is the orchid, so instead of calling it our formal, we call it the Orchid Ball,” said Sydney.

STEMians interested in finding out more about joining Phi Sigma Rho can contact Sydney Negro at

The Society of Automotive Engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, is a relatively small group at YSU. President and mechanical engineering major Kyle Hogan encourages students from any major to check it out if they’re interested.

“We’re trying to grow and get some more recognition for the program and basically let people know there’s an option for any of the motor heads that might be out there,” said Kyle.

SAE Baja groupThe main event that SAE participates in is the Baja competition. The team must design and build a vehicle that can perform well in different tests, like maneuverability and acceleration.

“So it’s really balancing a lot of different aspects of your car and maybe having things that are variable that you can change between events,” said Kyle.

Anyone interested in learning more about SAE or the Baja competition can check out the group’s Youngstown State SAE Baja page on Facebook or @YSUBajaSAE on Twitter.

“We’re very welcoming of anyone wanting to come in and check it out,” said Kyle. “Even if you decide you’re not interested, that’s fine. If you want to learn, it’s an excellent place to do it. We’re not going to turn you away because you know nothing.”