STEM Student Organizations: A Group for Everybody

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Students gathered outside.

Student groups are more than just the bake sales and t-shirt sales in Moser Hall, they are vibrant, living organisms. Each student group has a few core members, like the president, treasurer, and recorder, but there are so many different parts, with many different roles. Who is stopping you from joining one of these organizations today?

One of the most active groups oncampus is the YSU Biology Club.

They have a passion for what they are studying, but they also love to bowl for a cause and volunteer in the community. While many student groups volunteer, many of them don’t hold it as important to them as the Biology Club does.

“The reason we volunteer, to put it simply, is to give back,” Max Gocala, President of the Biology Club says. “Not only do we as people benefit from giving back, but as students it teaches us things we can only learn outside a classroom. This community connection forms the basis for other events that we hold throughout the year.”

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Students playing a game at a picnic table.

There are many student groups on campus, but the STEM College boasts some of the most elite. The STEM Leadership Society is a merit-based group that allows new members to join after an application with letters of recommendation and a series of interviews. Like the Biology Club, SLS holds volunteering as a high priority. The have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in the past, as well as many others. In addition to volunteering, SLS holds several networking events throughout the year, including the recent picnic on September 6th, 2013.

Many of the student groups are accepting new members like the Society for Physics Students. They are eager to spread the word about the organization and joining the group is easy. Check out multiple meetings of the different groups, choose one that best fits you, and then ask about becoming a member. It is as easy as that!

Stay tuned for updates on the meetings for the STEM Student Organizations and other events on the STEM College Blog and the STEM College Calendar! Keep checking the YSU STEM website for a full list of current student organizations, as well as the main YSU page for a list of campus-wide organizations!