STEM Showcase Shows Community Student Accomplishment!

The College of STEM got to show off students and their projects in the annual STEM Showcase, Sunday, April 21, in Moser Hall. Approximately 500 friends, students, and teachers came to see the outstanding accomplishments of our STEM students, as well as take tours of the STEM college laboratories.

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This year, the college was proud to feature The Solar Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which won second place at a recent Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers competition. Electrical Engineering students Kevin Marstellar, Tyler Vitullo, Nathan Jones, Chris Smaldino, and Kurt Shambaugh built a remote-controlled plane based off of U.S. Military models that was able to maximize energy by using solar panels. The runtime without the solar panels was 30 minutes; runtime increased to 50-55 minutes with panels—an amazing 50% increase!

The Concrete Canoe team also presented their work at the STEM Showcase. They won first place at the Regional Ohio Valley Conference and will be attending the University of Illinois National Competition in mid-June. ASCE’s 2013 National Concrete Canoe Competition will be held June 19-23. The Nikola Tesla-inspired canoe was 20 feet long and weighed 150 pounds; the Tesla weighs much less than many of the other canoes being presented at the National Competition. Best of luck to the team in the next round of competition!

Some of the other projects presented at the STEM Showcase included LED’s Lighting Up the World, Making Space in the Kitchen, and Correlation between Porosity of Activated Charcoal and Its Ability to Absorb Caffeine. YSU’s College of STEM was also proud to present a group of incoming students from around the area as new inductees into the STEM Leadership Society.