STEM Showcase

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Every year the STEM showcase allows students to present their research to the community and area high school students. On Saturday, April 25, 2015, students flooded Moser Hall with 61 projects that they’ve been working on all semester. Projects included the Baja Car, the Concrete Canoe and the Chem E-Car.

For the second year in a row, the STEM College gave out two scholarships to incoming freshmen.

Along with seeing all of the student’s projects, the community was invited to take tours of the X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy labs. After all tours were complete and toward the end of the day, Dean Sturrus and President Tressel gave remarks and inducted new members into the STEM Leadership Society.

As usual, all of the projects were fantastic, and YSU STEM is proud of the work our students have accomplished.

Some standout projects included a personal bartending robot and a football helmet that detects and analyzes concussions.

The personal bartending robot, called JuiceBox, was created by students, Jordan Brown, Corey Dunbar and Nick Getsy. Along with the robot, they coded an Android app to run the Arduino. The focus of this robot is to promote drinking at home, rather than at a bar where driving home would be required. JuiceBox is made from an Arduino Mega microcontroller, a Bluetooth adapter, a stepper motor, a linear actuator and solenoid valves.

Another project that stood out was the Smart Helmet. The Smart Helmet was created by students Fahad Alotaibi, Chad Piccirilli and Paul Weidle. A sensor chip in the helmet would relay data back to a monitor on the sidelines of a field in order to allow coaches to detect potential hazards immediately. While this technology is already being used in the professional league and colleges, the students designed this helmet to be cost effective and reliable for high school use.

YSU STEM couldn’t be prouder of all our students and all of the work they have done this semester!