Congratulations to our 2016 STEM Honors Convocation Award Recipients

On Monday, April 25, undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in STEM programs will be recognized for their hard work in the classroom as well as in the community. Congratulations to all students who are being honored with scholarships, memberships, and other awards to celebrate their success!

University Awards

Clarence P. Gould Honor Society

Membership awarded to students on the basis of academic achievement and breadth of academic courses

Michael Baker
Josiah Banks
Monica Busser
Abhijit Das
Mariah DeFuria
Erik DelBene
Robert Dixon
Erica Fox
Joseph Gantz
Emily Gianetti
Kyle Gumble
Coral Li
Jennifer Miller
Johnny Naples
Samuel Rakocy
Ashley Seybert
Eric Shehadi
Eric Stone
Elizabeth Urig
Gabrielle Van Scoy
Jenna Wise

Theodore P. and Evelyn H. Chengelis Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student of Hellenic heritage who will matriculate to medical school

John Savopoulos

Danielle M. Hodge Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to graduates from high schools throughout the tri-county area

Allison Guerrieri
Hannah Haynie
Alexander Huber
Alec Kalis

Karen R. Murphy Beatitude House Scholarship

Recognizes the achievement of a current YSU female student who is enrolled in or has completed a program of the Beatitude House

Christalee Figueroa

Nicholas Paraska Scholarship

Awarded to students pursuing an associate degree in Health and Human Services, STEM, or Business

Marlon Boatner
Jo-Lynn Campbell
Alan Slavik

O’Horo Family Scholarship in Engineering

To an upper-division student enrolled in the engineering program and a resident of Mahoning, Trumbull, or Columbiana County

Ann Bridge

Woodrow Wilson Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to Woodrow Wilson High School graduates or descendants pursuing an undergraduate degree

Michael Palagano

Undergraduate Awards

Douglas Faires Outstanding Student in Mathematics and Statistics Award

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement in the study of Mathematics and Statistics

Michael Baker
Crystal Mackey
Samuel Rakocy

Outstanding Student in Statistics Award

Awarded for outstanding academic performance in Statistics

Sebastian Haigler

B.J. Yozwiak Mathematics Award

Awarded to a senior majoring in Mathematics who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance

Ashley Orr

ms consultants Award in Civil Engineering Technology

Awarded to an outstanding student who works full time while completing the BSAS in CCET on a part-time basis

Pavlo Kazakov

Dr. William A. Wood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering Technology

Awarded to an outstanding junior or senior undergraduate in Engineering Technology with a 3.0 or higher GPA

Reynaldo Colon-Garcia

Nicola and Rocchina Richley Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an engineering or engineering technology major for academic excellence

Nicholas Sheely

Myron C. Wick, Jr. Scholarship in the Physical Sciences

Awarded to junior or senior students who have shown academic excellence in the physical sciences

Christopher Leach
Jacob Taylor

Fireline, Inc. Scholarship

Awarded to students majoring in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Chemistry or Physics who have an interest in Materials Science with a minimum 3.0 GPA and resident of the five-county area

Dakesha Jordan (2015-2016)
Jennifer Miller (2015-2016)
Ann Bridge (2016-2017)
Jenna Weems (2016-2017)

Michael A. Rigo Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding Mechanical Engineering students residing in Mahoning County

Donald Dixon
Jared Fink

Ohio Space Grant Consortium Scholarships

Awarded to junior and senior students for academic excellence in an Aerospace-related discipline

Michael Radetic

Elizabeth Rogenski

Ronald J. Hepp Memorial Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior in Electrical Engineering

James Carter

Ronald G. Tabak Memorial Physics and Astronomy Award

Awarded to a junior or senior Physics and Astronomy major who has demonstrated passion for teaching and involvement in the “life” of the Physics Department

Martin Strong

John and Lina Moteff Scholarship

Awarded for demonstration of academic promise in the study of Physics, Astronomy or related sciences

Joshua Beaumont
Andrew Bock
Timothy Clark
Anthony Davis
Peter Larkin-Gero
Ashley Lemasters
Stefan Lesnansky

Dr. Ronald A. Parise Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding Physics or Astronomy student

David Bernard

Albert A. Guerrieri, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding student who has demonstrated academic achievement and commitment to the study of Physics

Nicholas McGuigan

Frank M. Clark Physics Award

Awarded to an exceptional student in Physics

Stefan Lesnansky
Samuel Powers

Anthony, Elizabeth, and Dr. Janet DelBene Chemistry Scholarship

Awarded to an outstanding junior chemistry major

Tyler Pabst

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Award

Awarded to a Chemistry senior who has made a significant contribution to the ACS Student Affiliates Association

Jennifer Miller

Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement and aptitude in Analytical Chemistry

Kristen Hernandez

Dr. Ralph E. Yingst Scholarship in Chemistry

Awarded to upper-division Chemistry majors for academic excellence

Mariah DeFuria

Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Physical Chemistry Award

Awarded for outstanding performance in Physical Chemistry

Kelly Holleran

American Chemical Society Inorganic Division

Awarded for excellence in Inorganic Chemistry at the undergraduate level with aspiration of a career in Chemistry

Cassandra Shaffer

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Awarded to an Organic Chemistry student who displays a significant aptitude for Organic Chemistry

Tyler Pabst

American Chemical Society Award – Penn-Ohio Section

Awarded to an outstanding junior Chemistry major

Samantha Mock

Dr. Irwin Cohen Scholarship for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry

Awarded for excellence in undergraduate research in Chemistry

Samantha Mock

Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Scholarship

Awarded to a senior Chemistry major for academic achievement in the Chemistry field

Jennifer Miller

Hypercube Scholars Award

Awarded to a graduating Chemistry student who has conducted research and is enrolling in graduate school

Jennifer Miller

Ohio Chapter of the American Institute of Chemists Award

Awarded to an outstanding student graduating in Chemistry

Monica Ramunno

Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Organic Chemistry Award

Awarded to honor outstanding performance in Organic Chemistry

Marissa DeSanto

CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

Awarded for achievement in the study of Chemistry as a freshman

Derek Fickes

Everette C. “Bud” Abram Geology Scholarships

Awarded for academic achievement in Geology

Andrew Bullock
Hannah Chapella

Ann Harris Field Camp Scholarships

Awarded to noteworthy Geology majors

Hannah Chapella

Field Investigations in Geology Scholarships

Awarded to an exemplary student in the Field Investigations in Geology course

Bruno Abersold
Olivia Costantino
Ryan Harris
Michelle Klim
Brigitte Petras
Amanda Seidler

Pittsburgh AIChE Professional Promise Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior in chemical engineering

Kassem Kuraan

YSU STEM Intern of the Year

Presented to a student that has shown a high quality of work and initiative, has completed presentations, and has had an impact on the company with which they have worked

Kyle Spickler

Co-Op of the Year

Presented to a student that has shown a high quality of work and initiative, has completed presentations, and has had an impact on the company with which they have worked for multiple semesters

Hailey Sullivan

Undergraduate QUEST Award Winners

Best of QUEST– Undergraduate Project

Project entitled: Determination of Protein Content and Amino Acid Composition of Farm Crickets

Taylor Baum
Rachel Centofanti
Allison Guerrieri
Samantha Mock
Tayah Turocy

College Award–STEM

Project entitled: Design of a CNC Small Hole EDM

Jon Bancroft
Cory Merlo
Kyle Spickler

Graduate Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Mathematics and Statistics

For outstanding academic performance in Mathematics and Statistics

Sepideh Khavari
Heath Hillman

Outstanding Student in Mathematics Education Award

Awarded to a graduate student demonstrating impressive academic performance in Mathematics

Sheri Cope

Friedrich W. & Eva Marie Koknat Graduate Award in Chemistry

Awarded annually to two students who are pursuing a graduate degree in Chemistry

Joseph Mihaly
Matthew Torres

Dr. Eugene D. Scudder Graduate Student Teaching Award

Awarded for excellence in teaching undergraduate laboratories

Kathleen Fleming
Matthew Torres

Dr. James A. Reeder Graduate Scholarship Award

Awarded to graduate students working toward an advanced degree in Chemistry

Matthew Torres

Anthony, Elizabeth, and Dr. Janet DelBene Award in Chemistry-Masters

Awarded to an outstanding Chemistry major who has been accepted into the YSU Graduate Program in Chemistry

Jennifer Moore

Graduate QUEST Award Winner

Best of QUEST– Graduate Project

Project Entitled: Analyzing Developer Sentiment in Commit Logs

Vinayak Sinha