On the right track: Engineering Management

A computer screen displaying a globe.

There are a lot of things going on in Youngstown today. There is new industry developing all around us, but there is even more going on to revitalize the City. An important part of the process is having flexibility in education that forms to what the industry needs. A master of science degree in Engineering Management helps, not only, a student to become more marketable, but it also helps the companies that hire them to be more efficient.

The engineering management track was started approximately thirteen years ago. The program has had quite a few students over the years, but this year the program has made a change. Now that industry has moved back to Youngstown and the economy is on the rise, the program has been revamped to meet the industries’ and students’ needs. The program is now being offered online, rather than in the classroom, which has allowed more students to pursue this track.

This program combines engineering with business for a combination that improves the way businesses work. It works to make business, and its students, more competitive and more productive. Knowing both engineering and business makes students better equipped to forecast the future of different products, like electronics companies. The program was designed to enable graduates to work globally on tasks that are not purely technical, but business-oriented, too.

Recent YSU graduate Tyler Vitullo said, “I have learned a lot about the management side so far with my marketing and management courses, and I have really reinforced my skills with Minitab through my Engineering Statistics course.”

The revamped track works with students by having the courses online and making it easier to work within the industry at the same time. The 33-hour curriculum takes approximately four semesters to complete, but there are 12 different classes available. Outside of the eight core classes, there are additional courses that teach more in depth about subjects, like finance.

“Engineers think differently, more logically, than most business executives,” James Yukech, the Vice President of Relationship Management of Catholic Health Partners and a student in the program said. Jim, who has a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from YSU, also said, “I have found, thus far, that the Master’s in Engineering Management allows the student to leverage their engineering degree and experiences.”

While there are only a few students in the program now, Drs. Mehri and Cala believe that the program has a bright future ahead of it.

“This is one of those areas that is going to take off [in Youngstown],” Dr. Mehri, a professor for many of the courses, said. He also said that businesses cannot run industry on finance, marketing, and advertisement alone, it needs the best of both worlds.

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