October Planetarium Shows

Check out everything the Ward Beecher Planetarium has to offer this October! Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the show Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico and stop by for the spooky Halloween Show.

The programs are free and open to the public. For a full schedule, visit wbplanetarium.org

Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico
Recommended for general audiences

The sky was a source of wonder for ancient cultures and was incorporated into their religion, daily rituals and stories. The Aztec, Maya, Toltec, and Olmec peoples of ancient Mexico all had ways to mark the changing days according to the changes in the sky. This program highlights these civilizations and the different ways in which they paid homage to the sky. From the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah; for general audiences.

Exploring New Horizons

Starting from ancient times, learn about the history of planetary discovery, especially that of Pluto, and how it has led to an amazing mission to explore the Kuiper Belt. “Exploring New Horizons” explores the New Horizons spacecraft and its mission to the dwarf planet Pluto and other KBOs.

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Recommended for children

We’ll journey through the solar system in a cardboard rocket in this fulldome presentation. How do we do it? It’s a secret!  The program provides excellent information about all the planets and the sun, and is a great motivator to use reading skills and imagination.

Fall Skywatch

The night sky changes with the seasons, and so does our Skywatch program. This LIVE traditional star talk shows the current night sky, constellation lore, and current astronomical events.

Recommended for general audiences

The Ward Beecher Planetarium’s spooky and spectacular annual Halloween show returns. What will we stir up in our cauldron for audiences this year? Great for all ages, although younger kids might be scared of the loud music and dark.

The Halloween Show
Recommended for children

All the teachers are sick so it’s up to Holly, a student witch, to go to the annual Halloween Conference. What if she gets lost? No problem. A friend, Jack O’Lantern, shows Holly how to use the stars to find her way around the night sky. The two explore a few Halloween superstitions and Holly learns how to say “Happy Halloween” in cat, bat and goblin. The history and traditions of Halloween are presented in a fun, non-scary style, making this show ideal for all ages.