New STEM Program: Manufacturing Engineering

The Youngstown State University College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will now offer a new program in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Manufacturing Engineering will be YSU’s newest program and major, one of only about twenty programs of its kind in the nation.

“Here in Youngstown with our history in manufacturing it’s very relevant,” said Dr. Darrell Wallace, an associate professor in the department. “Manufacturing continues to be the largest single source of payroll in the region.”

Dr. Wallace explained that the curriculum for this new program will look similar to both mechanical and industrial engineering because they are so closely related.

“Manufacturing engineering is a discipline of engineering that shares common roots with industrial engineering and mechanical engineering in that it grew out of manufacturing, but it is specifically focused on the analysis of manufacturing processes and the design of processes and products for production by manufacturers,” said Dr. Wallace.

He says that about a third of the coursework is shared among the three programs before they each start to branch out and become more specialized to their own areas.

Since much of the beginning coursework is the same, students in any of the three programs can really take a year or two of courses before they decide which they enjoy the most; all of the new courses for manufacturing engineering are upper level courses.

Students who complete this program will be uniquely qualified for the job title of manufacturing engineer, which in the past has largely been occupied by mechanical and industrial engineers.

“This discipline is explicitly focused on understanding process choices, design choices, and economic impacts to assist companies in making good decisions about how to integrate new technologies like additive manufacturing and make best use of existing, mature technology,” said Dr. Wallace.

Students interested in the new manufacturing engineering program can contact Dr. Wallace by email at