May From The Dean


This month marks a transition for the College and the University. At the end of the week, we will hold our spring commencement ceremony. Over 250 STEM students have applied for graduation, and most of them will be going off to work or on to graduate school. I have to admit, there was a time I dreaded having to go to graduation, and as Dean, I get to attend four of them each year (two on Saturday, undergraduates in the morning and graduate students in the afternoon). But I’ve changed my view of this. No, it’s not the great speech that Ed O’Neill is going to give, it’s getting to shake the hand of all the graduating students as they walk across the stage. The joy that the students display. The sense of accomplishment. The pride of the family. These are the memories I take away from graduation, and each ceremony adds another memory for me.

Graduation is of course bittersweet. There’s all that happiness as we celebrate the success of our students. But many of our students who leave YSU will also fail to provide a permanent e-mail address, or will lose touch with the College. That means we won’t hear about your success! Or the new job, or the promotion. The decision to go back to graduate school. The marriage, or the baby. We really do want to hear from our alumni (and yes, our new graduates instantly become alumni) so that we can follow your success. We take great pride in knowing that the education you obtained at YSU served you well in your career. So please make sure we have your contact information (you can fill out the form at, or just send us a note on occasion.

Graduation of one class also means the introduction of our new incoming class of students. Throughout the summer, our new freshmen will be coming in to get registered for classes. Our advisors are prepared to work with the students to assist them in placement exams and ensure they get the classes they need. Our goal is to get all of our incoming students successfully entered into the program so that they can succeed in their first semester, and then go on to a successful college career. We know that the first semester is key to long-term success, so we’ll be there to work with the incoming students. And if we do our job right, all of the new students will show up in August ready to begin their college career and bring new successes to YSU.

YSU keeps going through the summer transition, whether it’s summer classes, registering and advisement of students, ongoing research, interactions with area businesses, or any number of other activities. It’s a bit slower pace, but it gives us all a chance to catch our breath. There’s still plenty to do though. Through our efforts over the summer, we’re working to make YSU a better university for the future, making your degree that much more important in providing you with long term career success.

Enjoy your summer, and remember to keep in touch.