Intern of the Year: Kyle Spickler

Every year, a student who shows exceptional work and who has a positive impact on a company receives the STEM Intern of the Year Award. This year, Kyle Spickler, a senior majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in mathematics, received the award.

Spickler said receiving this award is something that he has aspired for over the past few years.

“I was incredibly excited when I was notified as recipient of the Intern of the Year award,” he said. “I have volunteered for the STEM annual awards banquet, where this award is presented, since my sophomore year. I always thought it would be wonderful to receive an award during that banquet someday.”

Spickler interned at The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, where he gained experience in electrical engineering. He worked for the Component Prep team under the Global Engineering division.

As part of his internship, he programmed Programmable Logic Controllers and Human-Machine Interfaces for different projects. Spickler also volunteered to be chair of the speaker’s committee for the Goodyear college relations program.

“We were able to bring in 14 speakers with a total of 11 events,” he said. “Most of these individuals were associates from different parts of the company. The speech topics varied from professional networking, supply chain, intellectual property law, brand marketing and some others.”

One of his larger projects included working with a local fabrication shop.

“The objective of this project was to build and automate a machine to cut ply at varying dimensions for the plant in Chile,” Spickler said. “Most of my work on this project was focused on creating diagnostic displays for the operators using HMI programming. This allows them to change system parameters, view faults/alarms, check device status and much more.”

Spickler also had the opportunity to work on an individual project called the Message Marquee project. He said that Goodyear uses industrialized message displays throughout their plants, and Spickler found that their manufacturer’s software wasn’t up to specs.

“To resolve this issue I reached out to their application engineer and software team,” he said. “After several conference calls and numerous days of testing on my part, their software team was able to solve some of the issues. Utilizing my research Goodyear is now able to display other languages, eliminate some equipment and save roughly $4,500 every time they implement these message displays in a plant.”

Spickler said that this experience — as well as a previous internship with ABB — have made a huge impact on his career path.

“Working in a field that combines the automation and automotive industries is exactly what I want to accomplish with my life,” he said.

Spickler has plans of continuing his education by obtaining a Master of Business Administration degree after working in the industry.