Improving DNA Research on Campus

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The Molecular Biology Analytical Core Laboratory, located in Ward Beecher 4050, is a DNA sequencing facility run by Molecular Biology Specialist Ed Budde.

Until recently, the equipment in the lab was scattered around in different locations. It was brought together in this singular location to provide all of the resources in a common area.

“This room used to be a teaching lab that was used for service courses,” said Biology Chair Dr. Walker. “When we sort of changed the curriculum a bit, this became available.”

Ed Budde works in the lab full time and is trained on all of the equipment and software.

“Usually what I do over here is I support the research of the faculty members and the graduate students, and undergraduates as well because a lot of them are learning how to do things like extract DNA and purify DNA,” said Budde.

Recent projects utilizing the lab are Dr. Cooper’s work studying the genetic makeup of disease-causing fungi and Dr. Caguiat’s research involving metal resistance genes.

Some of the capabilities of the lab are gene sequencing and quantitative PCR, which are available to any students, faculty, or partners of the university.

“We’re trying to market this to outside interests that don’t know this exists,” said Dr. Walker.

The lab is a vital resource in the department that supports research at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For more information about the lab, the technology, or available services, stop in and talk to Ed Budde or contact Dr. Walker at