YSU’s first ever hackathon will take place April 17-April 19. Students are invited to join HackYSU in Meshel Hall to use the weekend to code, tinker, and create something amazing.

“A hackathon is kind of a rapid-development semi-competition,” said Joe Duncko, director of the event. “It’s like a science fair, where you have 24-36 hours to make something and then show it off at the end of the weekend.”

All upper-education students of all skill levels are welcome to join – not just YSU students. HackYSU is hoping to get around 200 participants. Food and refreshments will be provided the entire weekend.

“We’re looking to invite engineering students, design students, and programming students,” Joe said,. “They should bring their laptop and toiletries if they plan on staying the whole weekend, and they can bring whatever tools they want to hack on – we’ll also have 3D printers, Arduinos, Oculus Rifts, and more here for students to borrow.”

HackYSU is partnering with Major League Hacking, the biggest network of collegiate hackathons in the country.

“Last semester alone [Major League Hacking] pulled over 25,000 students with over 50 hackathons,” Joe said. “They come in, they help us out, they bring a couple of their sponsors, and they also bring stuff for people to hack on.”

HackYSU will also be bringing in programmers to act as mentors to help students with the process.

“[Hack YSU is] partnered with Code Youngstown and NEOACM to bring programmers in during the weekend so participants don’t get stuck on things,” Joe said. “A lot of people are going to be trying to create their first iPhone or Android app, [or it’ll be] their first time programming a web app, their first time using a 3D printer, and we don’t want them to get stuck. They have 36 hours to do something really cool; we don’t want them to get stuck on a little bug that they can’t figure out.”

To take part in HackYSU students should register at HackYSU.com to make sure they are able to reserve a spot – limited registration will be available at the door.

If you would like to inquire about HackYSU, email contact@HackYSU.com.