Fall Internship/Co-Op Expo 2015

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On Oct. 8, more than 500 students filled Kilcawley Center’s Chestnut Room for the fall Internship/Co-Op Expo in order to make connections with employers. Notable employers that attended the expo include Goodyear, Nucor and Timken Steel. Forty-two employers participated in this semester’s expo.

The expo serves as a way for employers to connect with qualified students from the YSU College of STEM. Students are able to connect with employers and land internship and co-op opportunities.

Kayla Theisler is one student who was able to nail down an internship for the upcoming semester. She will begin working with Parker Hannifin in January. This is the second year she’s attended the expo.

“I was drawn to the expo initially last year as part of my first year engineering orientation class,” Theisler said. “Before going to it, I did my research on the companies and ended up getting one last summer, which is what brought me back.”

Theisler noted that even if she hadn’t secured an internship from the expo she would still be able to get her name out to potential employers.

“I thought the expo would help me to network with potential companies. Even if I didn’t secure a co-op or internship, it would still be nice to have my name out there with the company representatives,” she said. “Going to the expo also helped me to expand my LinkedIn network!”

She said the process of getting her internship was fast-paced. She handed her resume to the representative from Parker Hannifin. The following week Theisler had a phone interview scheduled with the company and had the internship secured by the end of the week.

Theisler said she has really enjoyed each expo she’s attended, and encourages other to go.

“Both times I attended while looking for an internship, I was able to secure one,” she said.

She also had a few words of advice for those who have never attended the expo before.

“Don’t be intimidated by it,” she said. “It may be very overwhelming to initially go in there and see so many people and so many companies. Knowing that you are all fighting for the same thing can be intimidating, too. … Don’t be upset if a company turns you down. I was turned down a lot my freshman year, but I ended up getting an internship, and one that I really enjoyed. Getting an internship can be a great opportunity to expand your network and learn valuable skills for your field.”