Faculty Research: Dr. Jill Tall

Dr. Jill TallDr. Jill Tall is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Youngstown State University. She earned her PhD in biomedicine from Kent State and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Tall’s research has mainly focused on the effects that environment has on behavior in preclinical studies. Recently, however, she has found an opportunity to conduct clinical studies while also getting more students involved in research.

“What started it all off was, I was invited to give a talk to the new residents that came into St. Joseph Hospital in Warren about trying to demystify research,” said Dr. Tall.

New standards are being put into place that will mandate that resident physicians be required to conduct research during their residencies. Because of this, Dr. Tall has spoken with the attending physicians about residents collaborating with students on research projects.

“I had a demand and I had a supply,” said Dr. Tall, “so I had to figure out how to bring these two parties together, and that’s why I developed the Certificate in Biomedical Research.”

This new certificate, piloted in the spring semester of 2016, offers a course specifically dedicated to biomedical research as well as two consecutive semesters of a biomedical research internship.

“The fall of ’16 this is going to launch officially,” said Dr. Tall, “and essentially it’s a one-year certificate that’s designed to be obtained concurrently with the Bachelor of Science in Biology.”

In addition to working with students at YSU in her lab and in the classroom, Dr. Tall now has research ongoing with local physicians, and her students are getting hands-on experience in both research and hospital work.

“We’re all very excited and Mercy Health is extremely supportive of this,” she said.

For more information about the new certificate or her research, contact Dr. Tall at jmtall@ysu.edu.