Faculty Publication: Michael Crescimanno and Jim Andrews

Michael Crescimanno and Jim Andrews, Professors in Physics & Astronomy, co-authored the paper “Experimental Realization of Coherent Perfect Polarization Rotation” in the May 15 issue of Optics Letters, a rapid dissemination, peer-reviewed journal of the Optical Society of America. This work was funded through a National Science Foundation EAGER grant awarded to Drs. Crescimanno, PI, and Andrews, co-PI, and which supported co-author Dr. Chuanhong Zhou as a post-doctoral researcher at YSU.

Coherent perfect processes enable high optical efficiencies in optical conversion phenomena such as coherent perfect absorption or coherent perfect polarization rotation. A linear optical coherent perfect process based on Faraday rotation has been evaluated experimentally, achieving contrast limited by other optical components of the system and demonstrating like-parity resonance doublets above threshold.