Faculty Faction: Lin Sun

Dr. Lin Sun

Over the course of the last few months, our new faculty has been teaching and introducing themselves around the different departments. Dr. Lin Sun, an assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering, joined YSU over the summer in hopes of introducing state-of-the-art electromagnetic modeling techniques to her students.

Dr. Sun received her bachelor and master degrees from Tsinghua University in electrical engineering, and she earned her PhD at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, with postdoctoral work at Schlumberger, an oil and natural gas service company. Dr. Sun’ research interests focus on computational electromagnetics and applying the electromagnetic modeling methods into different application areas, such as subsurface sensing.

While she hasn’t always worked in academia, Dr. Sun enjoys teaching. “It’s my responsibility to excite [students] research interests, help them to build deep understanding and connections of concepts, help them to build the problem-solving skills, and become highly qualified researchers and engineers in the future,” she says.

While Dr. Sun is still new to the Youngstown area, she enjoys watching movies and travelling when she isn’t researching or teaching. Dr. Sun chose to become a part of the YSU STEM family because of the opportunities that teaching and research here brings. She has high hopes for the future of YSU STEM, her students, and her research.

“Full wave analysis plays a vital role in many application areas and modern computing technologies help to highly improve the efficiency,” she says. Dr. Sun continued her outlook for the future saying, “I look forward to developing robust, fast, and state-of-the-art electromagnetic solvers in different application areas. I also look forward to working with academic and industry partners and helping them to solve real challenging problems.”