Faculty Faction: Joe Sanson

LiJoe Sansonke some of our other professors, Joe Sanson, an assistant professor of civil and construction engineering technology, is a lifelong Penguin.

Sanson received both his bachelor’s and master’s of engineering in civil and environmental engineering at YSU. He’s been an instructor at YSU for six years, but was just recently named to a tenure-track position.

As a professor, Sanson said he likes to emulate Dr. Scott Martin, who taught Sanson during his time as an undergrad and a graduate student.

“Dr. Martin — he just recently retired — had a big effect on my career at YSU,” Sanson said. “I had him in undergrad; I had him through my master’s, and I try to mimic my classroom instruction on how Dr. Martin did it. I thought he was one of the best professors I ever had.”

Sanson said that he hopes students remember that he expected a lot out of them, because hard work is what ultimately leads to success, which is how Sanson said he remembers Dr. Martin.

“I think it’s good for the students that we carry that tradition of rigorous coursework,” Sanson said.

With the switch from an instructor to a tenure-track professor, Sanson has begun working on research involving epoxy for parking decks.

“Right now I’m working for Simon products. They have [an epoxy product] that they want to use in parking decks,” Sanson said. “When a beam in a parking deck cracks, they have epoxy that they can inject into this crack. They have me doing some testing to make sure that it works and to make sure it fits the specs for different jobs.”

To test the epoxy, Sanson has plans of building beams similar to those in parking decks, cracking it, ejecting it with the epoxy, and then loading it up with weight to see how the strength of the beam handles extra weight. Once these lab tests are finished, the epoxy will be tested in real-life situations. Currently, Sanson is waiting on approval from YSU to try to epoxy on the decks around campus.