Faculty Faction: Guha Manogharan

Mr. Guha Manogharan

Youngstown State University and the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are always looking for the best and brightest to teach our best and brightest. This last semester, the STEM College has been breaking in a new professor and researcher, Mr. Guha Manogharan.

Guha is an assistant professor with the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and is also a part of the new Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing (CIAM). In fact, CIAM and the many opportunities that the Valley brings for 3D printing and additive manufacturing, like America Makes and our budding program, are what brought Guha to the area. 

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in his native country of India and took the opportunity to continue his studies at North Carolina State University. After earning his master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, he decided to continue his education and research at NCSU. He is currently finishing up his Ph.D., and we expect to be addressing him as Dr. Manogharan very soon!

While at NCSU, Guha researched many different types of materials and applications for 3D printing. Most of his continuing research focuses on the metals that are used in 3D printing and the post-process of the parts through machining for applications in aerospace and mechanical industries. As a graduate researcher and a project engineer for a CNC manufacturing company in North Carolina, he gained valuable knowledge in the field of manufacturing that he wishes to pass on to the students at YSU.

Guha enjoys teaching his classes and getting to know his students. He encourages students to not only learn new concepts well but also to try and make improvements on them.

“My favorite part is the satisfaction in seeing students understand the concepts and being able to come up with several examples on their own,” he says. Guha enjoys that his students think of applications that are outside of the normal realms of mechanical and industrial engineering.

Guha is also interested in continuing to help students utilize the new PLM software from Siemens. He plans to develop a series of certification courses pertaining to different aspects of the software that would not only improve our students’ abilities in using the software, but would also count towards valuable experience that manufacturing companies look for in graduating students.

Guha will be teaching Engineering Statistics over the summer and looks forward to his fall schedule where he will get to teach more hands-on courses like Manufacturing Processes and the Manufacturing Processes Practice Lab 1. If you haven’t yet come across Guha teaching or working with the 3D printers, you might be able to see him walking laps around campus or long-distance running at Mill Creek Park. Even though Guha is fond of the area because of its opportunities, he still misses the weather in North Carolina.