Faculty Faction: Dr. Robin Mattheus

Dr. Robin Mattheus

If you have spent any time on the second floor of Moser Hall, you will have seen Dr. Robin Mattheus. If you’ve missed him, that’s because he is one of the most active professors on campus.

As an assistant professor of geological and environmental sciences and a sedimentologist, Dr. Mattheus is very active in the surrounding area, as well as taking trips to different regions, like his recent trip out of the country for research.

This isn’t the extent of his traveling though. Dr. Mattheus, who is originally from Bavaria in southern Germany, started his academic career at the University of Alabama, where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology. He then moved to North Carolina, where he earned his Ph.D. in marine sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Much of his research centers on the understanding of sediments and what they can tell us about environmental changes. He is currently researching Ohio’s Lake Erie headland beaches and how lake-level fluctuations and human influences impact the sediment dynamics there.

This kind of research means that Dr. Mattheus spends a lot of time in the field, but that is what he likes about teaching at YSU.

“I enjoy the hands-on lab and field exercises that encourage students to expand their minds beyond the bounds of textbooks and lecture notes,” he says. “Most of the true learning in the field of geology comes from those experiences.”

Dr. Mattheus really enjoys that the students at YSU are excited to learn about geology and that they don’t let ‘getting dirty’ get in the way.

“Our geology students don’t mind getting dirty and will take any chance they get to be outside,” Dr. Mattheus says, “even if that encompasses camping in 30 degree weather.”

Dr. Mattheus is excited to watch the Geological and Environmental Sciences Department grow and his students succeed. If you are looking for Dr. Mattheus, you can find him in Historical Geology and Geomorphology this fall. When he isn’t teaching or researching, Dr. Mattheus likes to travel and just spend time outdoors. He enjoys swimming laps, surfing, hiking, and snowboarding.