Faculty Faction: Dr. Lucy Kerns

Lucy[1]Dr. Lucy Kerns joined the YSU Math Department as an assistant professor at the beginning of the fall 2014 semester. Before that, she was a part time professor at the university for seven years.

Dr. Kerns came from China to pursue her graduate degrees in statistics. Originally, she was an accounting major, but found more success in securing an assistantship as a stats major.

Dr. Kerns met her husband, Dr. Jay Kerns, while in graduate school. After he got his job at YSU, she soon followed. She said that the faculty and staff at YSU are very friendly, and the students are very hardworking.

“Teaching is a rewarding experience. When students come to me and say that something finally makes sense to them and that they can use what I taught them, it’s very rewarding to me,” Dr. Kerns said. ”

In Spring 2015, Dr. Kerns launched a new service to the university, the Mathematical and Statistical Consulting Center, along with Dr. Tom Wakefield. This service is for faculty and students working on research projects, and is the first of its kind for YSU. In the short time since its launch, Dr. Kerns has already helped many people who have said they wished this service was available a long time ago.

Dr. Kerns’ research focuses on areas such as confidence bands, logistic regression, drug stability studies, and range regression. She has already published some papers and has submitted a few more which are under review.

Outside of YSU, Dr. Kerns volunteers her time teaching Chinese at a Methodist church in Poland.