Faculty Faction: Dr. Feng Yu

Dr. Feng Yu

This year, the YSU STEM faculty has gained new members in several different areas of study. The Computer Science and Information Systems Department has a new face among them. Dr. Feng Yu brings the department new implementations and lots of new perspective.

Dr. Yu, originally from northeast China, graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with his PhD in computer science.  At YSU, his research interest will focus on database query optimization, big data, cloud computing, and data mining.

The first change will benefit the future of big data and data mining at YSU. Dr. Yu hopes to be able to bring in graduate students for research positions to help with big data research. Big data is comprised of three main topics: volume, velocity, and variety.

Volume describes the size of the data. Big data, like its name suggests, is too big for a traditional computer to process. Companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon have these large amounts of data. Velocity describes the speed of the data. The data can be sorted much faster than with traditional data. Finally, the variety of the data describes the structure of the data.

Before moving to Youngstown a couple months ago, Dr. Yu taught discrete mathematics, databases, the Linux operating system, and computer architecture as a teaching assistant at the Southern Illinois University. While teaching at SIU, he was nominated for the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

Another implementation the CSIS department is taking on is a cloud cluster. The cloud server will eventually encompass all of STEM, but in the beginning Dr. Yu will need as many graduate assistants as he can find to help with the research, in addition to the support of Dean Abraham, CSIS Chair Dr. Schueller, and YSU IT department.

When he isn’t researching, Dr. Yu likes to swim and go to the library. He can be frequently found in his office or teaching in front his classes. Even though teaching is not researching, Dr. Yu says that teaching is beneficial to research.  We can always find talented students in the class and involve them in research.

Dr. Yu is hopeful for the future of big data in the Youngstown area. In the fall of 2014, the CSIS department plans to offer a course in big data to accommodate the growing industry.  The CSIS department is creating more courses to help students succeed in professional and research careers.

While enrollment was down for the university, the enrollment for the CSIS department has increased. With the increase, the department has no problem accommodating everyone. They have multiple labs and the faculty is always accessible.

If you are interested in big data or becoming a computer science and information systems student, contact Dr. Feng Yu at fyu@ysu.edu.