Faculty Awarded Research Professorships

Proposals from 49 faculty members submitted for research professorships were reviewed and evaluated by a seven-member committee consisting of Dr. Tiffany Hughes, Dr. Birsen Karpak, Dr. Hae-Jong Lee, Dr. Megan List, Dr. Zara Rowlands, Dr. Sal Sanders (Chair), and Dr. Virgil Solomon.

Graduate faculty members representing all six colleges were on the committee which awarded 21 research professorships for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Congratulations to the following STEM faculty who received Research Professorships:

  1. Abdurrahman Arslanyilmaz, Computer Science and Information Systems “Impact of simulated hazard warning systems on distracted novice drivers’ hazard perception skills” – Awarded 9 Hours
  2. Ganesaratnam Balendiran, Chemistry
    “Role of Fibrates and Like Molecules in Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases” — Awarded 9 Hours
  3. Michael Butcher, Biological Sciences
    “Functional Anatomy of Suspensory Locomotion in Three-toed Sloths” — Awarded 9 Hours
  4. Pedro Cortes, Civil/Environmental & Chemical Engineering
    “Detection of PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate) explosive using biologically modified carbon nanotubes–A Preliminary approach” — Awarded 6 Hours
  5. Michael Crescimanno, Physics and Astronomy
    “Understanding and tailoring ultrastrong light-molecule interaction” — Awarded 9 Hours
  6. John Feldmeier, Physics and Astronomy
    “Mining the Hobby-Everly-Telescope Dark Energy Survey” — Awarded 6 Hours
  7. Holly Martin
    “Examining the Long-Term Effects of Simulated Body Conditions on a Biopolymer bonded to Implant-Quality Titanium” — Awarded 6 Hours
  8. Xiangjia Min, Biological Sciences
    “Identification of alternatively spliced genes in fruit plants” — Awarded 9 Hours
  9. Alicia Prieto Langarica, Mathmathics and Statistics
    “Mathematical Modeling of Bone Remodeling” — Awarded 6 Hours
  10. Jae Joong Ryu, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    “Evolution of oxide films of metallic implants during contact corrosion fatigue” — Awarded 6 Hours
  11. Dr. Ruigang Wang, Chemistry
    “Study of Low Cost Copper-Based Automotive Catalytic Converter Washout Materials” — Awarded 9 Hours
  12. Dr. Feng Yu, Computer Science and Information Systems
    “Improve Write Speed in Column-Store Databases on Big Data using Timestamped Binary Association Table” — Awarded 6 Hours