STEM Faculty and Staff Receive Distinguished Service Awards

Congratulations to the STEM faculty and staff being honored!


For excellence in teaching: 

John Feldmeier, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Karen Larwin, Department of Educational Foundations, Research, Technology and Leadership
Cynthia Shields, Department of Nursing
Carla Simonini, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Linda Strom, Department of English
Mary Yacovone, Department of Health Professions

For excellence in scholarship:

Michael Butcher, Department of Biological Sciences
Joy Christiansen Erb, Department of Art
Michael Crescimanno, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Rebecca Curnalia, Department of Communication
Maria Delost, Department of Health Professions
Patrick Durrell, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Bonita Sharif, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

For excellence in service:

Jim Benedict, Department of Physical Therapy
Ewelina Boczkowska, Dana School of Music
Annette Burden, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Donna DeBlasio, Department of History
Kenneth Learman, Department of Physical Therapy
Johanna Krontiris-Litowitz, Department of Biological Sciences
Diana Palardy, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Ronald Shaklee, Department of Geography
C. Virgil Solomon, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
David E. Stout, Lariccia School of Accounting and Finance

Distinguished Professor designation:

Patrick Durell, Department of Physics and Astronomy
David E. Stout, Lariccia School of Accounting and Finance


Adam C. Earnheardt, Department of Communication
Martha I. Pallante, Department of History


Stephen Hanzely, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Louis Zona, Department of Art


Classified Service Awards:

Mary Ann Bodnark, Marketing and Communications
Mari Ann Cann, Dean’s Office, CCAC
Renee Cannon, Marketing and Communications
Lisa Cutter, Parking Services
Lisa DeVore, Chemistry
Mary Dillingham, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Linda Frattaroli, Chief Technology Officer
Marilyn Handel, Geography
Cynthia Helton, Veterans Resource Center
Ruby Jones, Undergraduate Admissions
Jennifer Kurcon, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Thomas Lavender, Facilities Maintenance
Lisa Mudryk, Procurement Services
Mary Alice Noble, Computer Services
Grimilda Ocasio, History
Nina Quantance, Art
Kenny Reyes, Maag Library
Anna Marie Ruscitti, Performing Arts Series

Professional/Administrative Service Awards:

Emilie Eberth, Dean’s Office, STEM
Ryan McNicholas, Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center
Maureen Reardon, Social Work
Christine Shelton, Dean’s Office, WCBA
Theresa Swindler, Social Work
Edward Villone, Peace Officer Training Academy 

Professional/Administrative Exempt Service Awards:

Christine Hubert, Undergraduate Admissions
David Kitt, ITS Operations
Vincent Sacco, Facilities Maintenance
Marilyn Ward, Office of the Provost


45 Years of Service:

Michael Repetski, Electronics Maintenance Services

40 Years of Service:

Barbara Krauss, WYSU-FM
Fred Owens, Communication

35 Years of Service:

Jodi Clowes, Office of the Provost
Salvatore Pansino, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Christine Yankle, Chief Technology Officer

30 Years of Service:

Brian Brennan, Maag Library
William Greenway, English
Cynthia Helton, Veterans Resource Center
Christine Perunko, Printing Services
Vincent Sacco, Facilities Maintenance
Maureen Wilson, Marketing & Communications

View the full list of the Years of Service Awards here.