Congrats MathFest Participants!

mathfest 2013
MathFest participants posing for a picture.

Congratulations to the 2013 MathFest participants! Eleven YSU undergraduate students from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics met with other students from around the nation to give oral presentations on mathematics and statistics principles in Hartford, Connecticut, July 31st through August 3rd. The students are exposed to different mathematics principles that occur throughout society and are encouraged to interact with students and faculty from other universities. Though no other school has ever won more than three awards at any MathFest, the YSU team won an astounding six awards, beating their 2005 and 2006 record of five awards!

Those students who were awarded for their excellence in student exposition and research are:

Cameron Bagheri– Applications of Linear Algebra to the Fibonacci Sequence
Michael Baker– A Study of Optical Gain in Three-Component Multilayered Films
Kim Do– Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory and What Lies Underneath
Ashley Orr– Fourier and Wavelet Analysis: Extracting the Business Cycle
Sarah Ritchey– Residue Number System Algorithms for Signed Numbers
Eric Shehadi- Prioritizing Vacant Residential Properties for Demolition in Youngstown, Ohio

Other students who attended MathFest 2013 were Daniel Catello, Shawn Doyle, James Munyon, Blain Patterson, and Matthew Pierson.

Thank you to Dr. Prieto, Dr. Spalsbury, and Dr. Yates for taking the students to the conference! Also to Dr. Crescimanno, Dr. Krammer, Dr. Pollack, Dr. Spalsbury, and Dr. Wakefield for advising the students on their presentations.

The students and staff would also like to thank the STEM College, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, CURMath, Pi Mu Epsilon, and the Mathematical Association of America for their support of the team.