Community Partners: Hudson Fastener’s first fastener symposium

2014-09-25 17.50.33
The group that attended the symposium posing in America Makes.

America Makes is a great experience no matter your age or industry you come from, but on Thursday, September 25, 2014 one company, in conjunction with America Makes and the Youngstown Business Incubator, brought the first ever Fastener Symposium to Youngstown to explore the details about what 3D printing could mean to the fastener industry.

Beginning with a couple opening words and ‘team photos’ with Jim Tressel, the tour of America Makes provided a vast amount of useful information for the fastener industry and the 13 people that attended the symposium. Guests were informed how additive manufacturing can advance the future of their companies by introducing them to the different types of printers and materials that additive manufacturing uses, while also getting to take home a couple samples from the powder-bed printer.

Hudson Fasteners has been around for over 65 years, but not all of those years have been in Youngstown. Since their move to YBI in 2011, Lisa Kleinhandler and Cris Young have shown enormous success in not only the fastener industry, but the social marketing industry too.

If you have yet to have the chance, visit Hudson Fasteners and their growing news source at Fastener News Desk. In the coming months, YSU STEM and Hudson Fasteners will be working hard to bring you the latest and greatest STEM news, so stay tuned!


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