Community Partners: Chris Jaskiewicz and VEC Inc.

Chris Jaskiewicz
Chris Jaskiewicz, now President and COO of VEC Incorporated

Youngstown State University College of STEM may have started in 2007, but success has emanated from the YSU Engineering Program for years. In 2000, the Electrical Engineering Technology program added Chris Jaskiewicz, now President and COO of VEC Incorporated in Girard, Ohio, as another great alumnus.

Chris handles the day-to-day proceedings at VEC Inc., as well as the finances and strategy for the company. With VEC Inc. always looking for new ways to expand, Chris and VEC Inc. are always looking to merge into new industries, including the budding Additive Manufacturing industry around the Youngstown area.

In his free time, Chris is actively involved with his community and family. Chris shares in his strong faith with his wife and two children and encourages them to stay as active as possible. Chris also enjoys trail running, camping, and reading.

Since Chris is a leader of a large company, he is able to coach more than just his children. He is able to coach and mentor future VEC Inc. employees, YSU students, and the community. As well as being a YSU Industry Partner and a member of the YSU STEM Advisory Board, Chris and VEC Inc. are heavily involved with community outreach. Currently, about 20 percent of the internal support team at VEC Inc. is a YSU alumni or a current YSU student. They also have an open door policy for YSU engineers.

In the past, Chris and VEC Inc. have participated in Relay for Life and the Regional Chamber of Youngstown and Warren. VEC Inc. has also created the VEC Community Fund, in addition to encouraging individual outreach within the company.

“Youngstown is big enough to provide many opportunities for employment and a variety of entertainment,” Chris says. “Yet [Youngstown is] still small enough for one person to make a big difference.”

Chris attributes much of his success in his career to his wife, children, parents, and Rex Ferry, CEO of VEC Incorporated. Part of his success also stems on the education he received at YSU. Youngstown State enabled Chris to socialize with people at school in a way that made him the leader he is today.

Valley Electrical was founded in 1975, and then, in 1990, Rex Ferry purchased it. That was just the beginning of the success that is now VEC Inc. In 2001, Valley Electrical established the Systems Integrator. Then, in 2003, Valley Electrical acquired Evets Electric, a leading contractor for the oil and gas industry. In 2010, Valley Electric acquired J.L. Allen LLC. Together, the companies form VEC Inc., an integral part of the YSU community and a leader in providing services for construction of oil and gas projects, industrial projects, and technology solutions.

Chris has recently spoken at the YSU Sustainable Energy Forum on June 4th. He spoke about the economic impacts of the shale industry on construction and manufacturing.