Choosing YSU

With the upcoming majors fair, many students will be wondering what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Do they want to work in academics, be doctors, or build bridges? For those students who have yet to decide on what they want their future careers to be, a couple fellow students from the STEM College shared why they chose YSU STEM to help them achieve their career goals.

STEMian Danielle is a Chemical Engineering major. She knew from the beginning that she wanted to come to YSU and didn’t look into going to any other schools. While she hasn’t decided on a career path just yet, Danielle is looking forward to using the different opportunities the STEM College has for career planning, including the STEM Professional Practice office.

“I’ve always been interested in math and science, and I have a high aptitude for science subjects,” Danielle says. “Chemical engineering has many career opportunities to choose from and higher numbers of open positions for candidates.”

Another STEM student, Amanda looked at going to a couple different schools, but she chose YSU. She is a pre-med track biology major and has plans to be an obstetrician/gynecologist. One of the reasons she chose YSU was because of the accelerated classes in biology for pre-med.

Amanda also chose YSU because of the value of her education. YSU has one of the lowest tuitions in the state, and has one of the highest returns on investment. With so many great programs, award-winning students and high return on investment, YSU gives students an advantage that other area colleges do not.

One of the best advantages of choosing YSU STEM is that it is in Youngstown. It is more than simply staying close to home that makes YSU great; YSU STEM is part of the budding additive manufacturing industry.

Whether you want to be a mathematician or a physicist, YSU STEM is the place for you. If you are unsure of what area you would like to study, visit the STEM Advising Office to check out what is available!